My v***** is a hollow cavity - it's an empty space and there are no nerve endings up there. So why and how can you have reached the age you're at, and not realise? We've been having s** for six years and you never touch my c*** (only briefly and half-heartedly). You don't pick up on my hints when I move your hand there. Are you stupid? The equivalent things is this: we've been having s** three times a week for years, but I've hardly ever touched your p**** in that time. Our "s** life" has never given me sensations that are sexually pleasurable. I can feel that your p**** is there, but of all the hundreds of hours, I've never felt pleasure. I truly want to give up and not bother having s** with you any more!

Dec 2, 2012

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  • Sorry typo

    Men don't get hints.

  • Men do get hints.

    We don't do subtle.

    We don't read minds.

    Before you give up, communicate. Really communicate. Don't use "you", use "we". It may not help you at all. He may be an a-hole. I have no idea. You have let this go on for years without talking to him? You can sleep with him for years but your too embarrassed to show him how you need to be touched to o*****?

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