Had s** with a Hostess at my wife's birthday

A couple weeks ago some family and friends went out to a restaurant for my wife's birthday. I got there early and they wouldn't seat me without our full party. The hostess who checks the reservations was unbelievably hot and I was talking to her while waiting for everyone else to arrive. I had a feeling she was flirting with me but I always assume I'm wrong about those assumptions. We were joking around and really hit it off. She asked what I was there for and I told her it was my wife's birthday dinner. I seriously didn't imagine anything would happen. Everyone came and we sat down for dinner. We had a few bottles of wine and I drank a little too much. I got up and asked the hostess where the bathroom was. She said she'd show me and took me down the hall. All I could do was stare at her ass the whole time. She had such a nice body. I was a little slow from the wine so she caught me checking her out and I might have starred a little at her chest. The bathrooms were the kind where you lock the door behind with a large single stall. She walked in with me, and like it was nothing, she unzipped my pants and started giving me a b*******. I was so nervous because my whole family was in the next room that it was hard for me to c**. I told her I didn't think I could with the intensity of the situation. She stopped, turned around and bent over the sink. She guided me into her with her hand. I started getting close and pulled out. She told me she wanted it inside of her. I went back in and had what felt like the longest o***** of my life. It felt like at least 15 pumps of s**** into this girl. I was terrified that someone heard us or that I was gone too long. I was shaking going back to my seat but everyone was preoccupied with dinner and no one seemed to notice. She came by the table to ask if everyone was enjoying the meal. I was terrified that someone would notice how she kept looking at me. She read us the desserts and told my wife that i should order her the cream pie. She said "I had it earlier tonight and it was fantastic". I almost passed out when she said that. I thought she was going to rat me out. I really want to see her again but I have no idea how to make it happen. Those few minutes in the bathroom are all I can think about

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  • Nice fantasy, pal.

  • I actually believe this story because it kinda happened to me as well. I work a a restaurant and I went there to eat one night with my family. 3 of the hostess' I have been flirting with since I've worked there. I haven't really told any of them that I was married but I never hid my ring either. The hostess that sat us is the one I've been trying to hook up with the most. After my family was sat, I walked into the back to check my work schedule and she was there. I started talking with her and she asked me why i didn't tell her I was married. I told her it doesn't matter and I kissed her. We went back into the office and locked it and I took her shirt & bra off and started sucking her t***. She opened my pants and started sucking my d***. I told her to get up and drop her pants cause I need to f*** her before my wife wonders where I went. She did as she was told and I f***** her doggy style and came in her rather quickly. I went back and sat down and before we left, she stopped to talk with my wife and she told me I need to take care of my wife and help her out. Since that time, we f*** every 2-3 shifts we work together and she talks dirty about me f****** her without my wife knowing.

  • Call up to ask when she'll be hosting again. Then go there to eat dinner by yourself. She'll probably be thrilled to see that you're alone this time.

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