Im 17 and Ive always been the good boy. Ive never touched pot I dont steal stuff and never had s**. I feel almost compelled to be bad but I cant find it in myself.I want to try pot but I worry about getting caught and you never know if its going to be the real stuff. I also get so sick of not having a penny and I want to steal stuff but I dont want to get caught. I also really have my eye on this girl but shes 4 years older than me. I should probably feel disgusted with myself but I dont. Ive been fantasizing sexually about her and I want to f*** her. I have this thing for girls around 13 to 16 you see. Dont know why Im posting this but I dont care really. Im sick of caring.

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  • My name is Danielle. Im 14 and Im just sayin I like that you dont do that stuff. I personally dont kno about pot. Ive been offered but I just dont kno. And hun, wanting to have s** with the girl is not bad so no worries. But Im against stealing. Ive commented on here before. ( on relationship older guys. Im actually 14 1/2 so I say Im 15.) Check it out and comment on it or on this -if you comment on mine say something about your post- You sound like a good guy btw

  • I think the stealing thing was just something I said out of anger of not having much money because honestly Im too much of the good guy to steal. I do still want that girl though. And thanks.

  • Why? No offence but you can have an older girl. Is it the age or the girl?

  • My mistake I meant guys my age on relationships

  • Whoops I meant 4 years younger than me not older. Also thanks for the advice and I have a friend whos a thief and a smoker actually so he might be able to help me to. I would only steal from corporations to because I have my morals as well.

  • About buying pot: it's best to find it through a friend. You need to find a legit dealer. Find someone with a connection. I have gotten ripped off by them giving me spice before. But it wasn't a reliable connect.
    Once again, drop the fear of getting caught. If you watch yourself and aren't showing nervousness, then there is no suspicion on you that you are doing wrong in the laws' eyes.

  • I smoke medicinally. Pot is not bad. Look it up.
    I steal as well. Shoplift. I have my morals. Never steal from brothers or sisters. Never steal from a mom and pop store.
    Anyone can steal. It's the fear of getting caught that you must drop first off. Having a teacher is always good to have. My best friend was and still is teaching me. If you're in NY or a city, it's easier for a guy to have a bag. A messenger bag is useful and easy for stealing.
    If not, pulling things in your pants or in your jacket work. Look for cameras inconspicuously and look for blind spots. Don't be nervous or show fear. They will pick up on you if you do and start to watch you--which leads to being caught.
    Avoid this, and you really are fine.
    Look up sites for further guidance.
    I steal from corporations. Walmart. Target. Bed bath and Beyond. Any big brand name store.
    Always check for security tags. Usually in the form of a white sticker on tags or inside the back of a book.

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