Sexual Experimenting with Same S**

I'm 19 and straight. My mutual masturbation story begins about 10 years ago. A friend of mine, lets call him Tommy, used to spend alot of time at my house. One day when we were playing around we started talking, about girls, our p****', etc. He dared me to show him mine, and I did, and he followed. Looking quickly turned to touching, which became rubbing. on day he said he wanted to kiss the head of my p****. I said no. The next day while we were playing around with our p****', which had become normal for us, he told me to close my eyes, which I did. Before I knew it, I felt him first gently kiss the tip, and then take my p**** in his mouth. to this day it still makes me hard thinking about it. This soon became common practice for us: rubbing, touching, kissing (p**** only), and sucking.

Our playing around would eventually escalate thanks to the internet and One night he stayed over, and after we sucked each other (without o***** or e********** - We hadn't tried that yet) he suggested I let him put his p**** in my butt. I quickly refused. He never brought it up again. Later that night we saw an ad for fleshlights and talked about how awesome they must be.

A couple of years later, I hadn't seen Tommy in quite a while, he came to my house for New Years. At this time I owned a Fleshlight v***** and a mouth. While everyone else was busy, I pulled him into my room and pulled out one of the Fleshlights (He had never actually seen one) and I said he should stay the night. I like girls, but I'm a virgin so I want to wait to have s** till I get married, so thats why I mess with Tommy. Anyway, since it had been a while, I wasn't sure how to mention mutual masturbating, sucking..etc. so I came up with a clever plan: I made sure that the lube I got for the fleshlights was flavored so we could suck after using them, and after using the Fleshlight mouth (which is advertised to feel like someone sucking your p****) I said I wondered how accurate that is, and I suggested we find out. Tommy hesitated for a moment, but then agreed. He pumped my p**** with the fleshlight for a while, and then started to suck my p****. It felt so good! Then I returned the favor, pumping his p****, and then sucking. Then it was a while of sucking and f****** the fleshlights while watching p***. I mentioned that there's an a*** s** Fleshlight as well, and Tommy said I should get it, and that we should go ahead and try it out so I could tell him what I thought after I got it. I was very reluctant but I made him a deal: first we would suck each other, and if he would swallow my c**, I would let him c** in my ass. We ended up agreeing to suck and swallow each other, and later on we would try a***, and that we would c** in the others ass, but we had to wear a condom for the a***. He sucked me first. We put on a video of a hot chick giving head, and he did just like she did. The o***** was explosive! Then I sucked his d***, and swallowed his c** as he did mine.

Finally the time had come; we found a hot a*** s** video, and started watching as I retrieved some condoms. I rolled the condom onto his hard p****, and I laid on the bed on my side. He laid behind me and I felt him rub lube on my butt hole. I then felt him slowly begin to penetrate my ass. It was uncomfortable at first, but after a while it wasn't that bad. within minutes he was groaning and c******. So now that it was my turn, I put on a condom, lubed up, and instructed him to bend over the bed. I rubbed lube on his butt hole and my p****, and then slowly slid in. It was so tight! I started moving in and out gently and slowly built up speed until I was humping him quickly, and came in a matter of minutes. we laid there for the next hour just touching ourselves and watching p***.

The next morning I woke up to Tommy grabbing my p**** and beginning to suck on it. I asked what he was doing, and he said it was his thank you for agreeing to try a*** with him. He smiled as my s**** filled his mouth, and he swallowed every last drop. I gave him the mouth Fleshlight (which I had never used befor that night) and told him that I'd let him know about the a*** fleshlight.

About a week later I told him I had gotten the a*** Fleshlight, and so he came over that night, and we repeated the night a week earlier, with the addition of comparing the a*** fleshlight to the real thing.

We rarely see each other any more, but when we do, if nobody is around, then we're gonna end up sucking each other. We're not gay, its just something that we share, just the two of us.

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  • To h*** with all these others commenting on your story. If you say you have an interest in s** with females, you could be bi-sexual, or you could just as easily be straight and are still just experimenting. Most guys I know have had a least one or more same s** experiences, then when they got older, realized it was just experimenting and they turned out to be heterosexual. I say it doesn't really matter what label you put on yourself, even less what labels others put on you. I just have one question. Do you enjoy the times you spent with Tommy? If so, that's all that matters. Gay, straight, bi, it doesn't matter. You didn't mention if you had any desires to have s** with other males, so it may just be a crush on this one guy and you may not have any desire to have s** with any other males again. I went through that in my teens. This friend of mine and I gave each other oral in a tent and while we remained friends, we never did it or spoke of it again. I don't regret it because I enjoyed it. But if I ran into him today, I find it highly unlikely I would have those feelings again. I am straight but as I said, many men have had same s** experiences in their lives. Most of the rest of them are just lying about not having any.

  • Not gay...yeah, right. Neither are 3 dollar bills.

  • Good one

  • There's nothing wrong with being gay, but atleast admit that you are. Straight people don't have on-going sexual rendezvous with the same s**. Especially guys though.

  • I trust you don't realize what a sexist, bigoted, and ignorant remark that was. So a guy has several same s** experiences with the same guy and according to your logic, he's gay, but if a female does the same thing, you allude that she's not. Don't see a double standard there, champ? He's 19, it's perfectly normal for him to still be in an experimental phase at this age.


  • Nahhhhhh...not gay at

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