Like d**** but not dudes

So, there's this weird thing about me. I like penises, but not dudes. I find the female body immensely attractive (boobies :3), I don't like the male body, except for the d***. I also like seeing d**** with c** dripping out them. Makes me feel like I'm bisexual or something, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I also love futanari pics, mostly when people draw them with both parts. I fantasize about having a cute girlfriend with both parts. :3 I don't expect people to understand this, it's just something I found out about myself recently and wanted to get it off my chest.

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  • It’s called voyeurism your exicted by genitals I like horse penises bc of the way they wiggle and swing about, my mom spanks me every night naked and I love it I’m 27 and male!

  • Exactly the same. Love chicks with d**** or just d**** in particular. With HUGE heads. Only into precum tho & I want tons of that from someone! I'd absolutely love to marry a really pretty tgirl with a nice sized c*** or have a tgirl friend that would get rock hard next to me when we're watching tv & let me suck it anytime I want.

  • Yea it's called p**** envy happy hunting:)

  • UH no

  • Very normal. i love c*** sucking; drinking c** is one of the most exciting s** acts ever yet when i walk down the stree, i dont see the nice looking guys, i'm checking out the t***.

  • Mmmm were do you live, 23 NYC here guy looking for fun


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