She Loves Me Not? (L**** story)

Wassup All , Im a Lesbian Stud, I live in Chicago. Im 16 and A Junior In High School. Im a very talented, smart , Outgoing Person. I feel like I have almost everything I could possibly want in the world. Thats of course a Faithful, Trustworthy, Loving girlfriend. Every since I could remember, Ive been on a Quest for love. Everytime I find a girl , we seem so right then she ends up cheating on me. Many tell me Im too nice to females. I like to treat my girl every now and then. I have no problem buying gifts to make her smile. I put my all into everything I do & in Return I get nothing. I think I want this SO BAD Because as a child it was always Get what I need on my own. DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. You know? I never really had a mother figure nor father, so everything I know I taught myself. It would be nice to have someone to Love me . But then again, I honestly dont know how that feels, so to have someone who wouldn't mind teaching me & having patience would mean the world. Do yall think im trying to hard? What do yall think I should do? Should I Change my ways? HELP?

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