I love making married women cheat

I am a decent looking black guy, in my late 40s and educated. When I was 21,I had s** with a blonde white woman, who was separated at the time and had kids.

Ever since then,I have been hooked on dating or f****** married women, especially white women.

I don't find myself very interested in single ones-I am mostly chasing after married ones.And my goodness, I have slept with so many of them I cant even count.I have had one night stands,long term relationships,casual s**...I get such a thrill in chasing after and sleeping with married women.I have slept with two white ones this month alone.

I find them at work, bars,online, groceries, parks, everywhere. I can sleep with a married woman faster than a single one. Lately,I browse for that married woman with an online profile stating that she is happily married and looking for friends or something like that.I contact her and before you know it,I have had s** with her.They sounds so innocent but in real sense,they wanna f*** someone.I never lie to a woman or take advantage.

Even when I have been married,I have targeted married women for s**.Some women loved the fact that I was married or didn't care. I am sad when some of them say their husbands( especially white ones)are not interested in f****** them anymore or cant satisfy them.I just do the best I can and most of the women keep coming back for more.

Sometimes I feel bad.But if I don't have s** with such a woman,someone else will and I'd rather be the man pleasing her.In my 40s,I am lucky my d*** is still working;let me use it while its still able to pleasure the women.

Some husbands or men don't satisfy their women on purpose and think that those wives/women are doing without.They are not,they have hungry able men like me f****** them discreetly. If you are not f****** your woman as she wants,I bet you some guy is! Few years ago,one woman told me her husband has a low sperm count and could not get her pregnant.She found two white men to make her pregnant.He does not know the children they have are not biologically his.

I have been married 3 times to black women and had a semi serious relationship with an ex-girlfriend. I have kids from my first wife and the girlfriend.Two of my wives cheated on me(1st and 2nd) and the girlfriend did too.My very first girlfriend cheated on me when I was 19, with a cousin of mine.

The first wife cheated because I was cheating,the second wife cheated because I was away in another country for a couple of years and the gf cheated to get rid of me because she never liked me.I know how it hurts to get your wife f***** by someone else.I just find it easier to thrive in a social niche that needs satisfaction.As far as I know,no marriage has ended because I was f****** the wife.


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  • I went through a heartbreak But still living with the same person who had hurt me by breaking trust, and trying not to bring up past into our present. Trying to see her as a new person whom I can trust. and Yes, I know that my heart says not to trust her anymore after finding out that she was cheating on me. A cyber genius helped me hack into her phone and exposed all she was doing behind my back with other men, I gained remote access to her phone activities and was shock to know that i had been with a cheat for 3yrs. But still love her You can contact this cyber genius on {hackingloop6 @ gm ail . co m} ,if you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you, tell him i referred you.

  • When started dating my husband he let me know up front that he regularly beds married women. The husbands know and are grateful for it. I didn't believe him so one night I went with him. Too chicken to meet them, I stayed in the car. A woman and answered the door but and hour later a man let him out. I couldn't believe it but when he got back in the car he totally smelled of s**.

  • WOW! What a great guy you are hu. Then again what does say about those things that let you. You were cheated on. Good, at least you know how it feels. Those so called married women have no concept of marriage. See most women were married in a church. Took vows before God. You cheat, well then in a way you cheat on God again (in a way), and you're telling him f my vows it means nothing and you cheat. These I'm sure are not women of good quality. They prove they are not good quality by cheating with you or whoever. Facts are they are lairs and cheats. Not all women. Just the ones that with you or whoever. You sir are a mistake. Oh yeah. This story is bogus. The answer I gave was for fun,but yeah,this is b*llsh*t. You know because he goes way over the top.

  • I was married 35 years , we met a guy our age 52 on line he , banged my wife so good on the way home she couldn’t quit talking about it. And to kill two birds with one stone I sucked his c***k. We played for 12 months . Bbc rules !

  • Not one word in this confession is a lie-its all 100% truth. No reason to lie to myself or anyone. I just really enjoy doing married women. You won't even believe this then; in five days I am flying somewhere to get a married woman and mother of two pregnant.

  • Its the best feeling a man can ever have knowing he has gotten another mans wife pregnant and the married man will always think the kid is his.

  • Lol! You don’t “make” women cheat. They are looking to cheat anyway and you are convenient. If you were really all that they’d leave their husbands for you.

  • I make it very hard for any woman to leave her marriage for me. I don't want to break anybody's marriage,I just want to f*** the wife. Clever women who cheat don't want to distrupt anything. If I am seducing some woman who, hitherto, was faithful to her husband and I have s** with her,I believe I am very responsible for her cheating.Granted she has to make her mind and do the act, but since I have to convince her beyond any doubt,I love it.

  • Yes I am 54 single and f*** some young married mums most just want more nsa c*** they have husbands one was 32 had 2 kids right little s*** loved f****** hard .

  • Very similar to my situation. Married 20 years and always had more than one woman on the side at all times, mostly married ones. It’s really normal I think. Has gone well.

  • I think it has become very normal in society. It has always been normal for me. I don't miss a chance to ask a married woman out. I don't get a yes all the time but here and there I do. It's a numbers game, meaning one out of a few is likely to say yes.

  • 'women on the sides at all times,mostly married ones' What an @sshole. Bull crap alert, Bull crap alert.

  • I will f*** your wife or gf within 2 hours of meeting her. If you think am kidding point her out to me and you will turn out to be a shocked believer and you will denounce your BS crap.

  • Blackanthony56@yahoo.com
    I want you to try with my wife!! I hope your close to us! She’s half white half Latina and I want you to try and bed her!

  • I'm a 50 year old man, married for 23 years to a lovely brunette white woman of 42 who was a former gymnast. I don't know how many of you know that, owing to the amount of athletics they do, most gymnasts are very sexually active and hungry for s**. I didn't know this until years later, and since my wife and I have only had s** 2-3 times a month (if that) for many years, I thought she was just worn out with the daily grind.

    It wasn't until she went back to college, when she was 30, that I found out she was having affairs. She had a handsome black professor who was very forward and outgoing. I met him once when I went to pick her up one time when her car was in the shop. She was falling all over herself to introduce him to me. She looked giddy as a schoolgirl. I had a feeling she was flirting with him, and he seemed very friendly with her. It was an evening class, but she told me a couple of weeks later that she needed to stay later for a group project and discussion. I was somewhat suspicious, owing to their behavior when I had seen him, but it wasn't until a week later that I did some snooping. After she'd come home that night, she went right to bed, but she'd changed and put her clothes in the clothes hamper. I went in and checked her panties, and saw they were very wet, and smelling them, knew the smell of c** right away.

    I'm sure she f***** him that whole semester, and she took another one of his classes the next semester. She eventually got her associate's degree, but she had him as her academic advisor, so I know they were together a while. Since then I'm sure she's had at least three more affairs, and all of them with black men. And yes, like many of the other husbands who have left messages here, I'm perfectly okay with it. I have a small p****, despite being fit and tall, and I know my wife just craves thick, long black c***.

  • She's a WWW. Drop her. She cares nothing for you. Women like that should (and do) wind up used and alone. Dump it (aka her) now. You're perfectly ok with this? The way she acts? Really? You're no man. You're her b*tch. What's wrong with you? Although I answered, I call BS on this story.

  • I had to smell my gf panties almost 10 years ago twice, after picking them up from clothes hamper. She had come home around 3 am twice with our toddlers. The panties were soaked with c** both times and she swore she hadn't f***** anybody. I knew she was lying because I used to do our laundry for a few years. By then, I had slept with too many married women to understand what she was up to. She later took a vacation to another country, slept with an ex gf and we broke up for the last time. She is now married to someone else and that marriage is failing. But we get along great, after all, she is the mother of my sons and has turned out to be an awesome mother now that she is in her 30s, and we haven't had s** since 2014 and probably never will. No need to fight over these issues in my 50s now.OP.

  • Both of my ex wives had affairs with black men. They were easily seduced and were shared. The s** they had was exciting and rewarding, something they did not get from me. The problem with us white guys is all we want is to get in, get off and get out. Black guys like to f***. They get the women aroused first, get in, get them off and then let go. Far better. No wonder both my wives divorced me and hooked up with black men.

  • No. The problem is you don't how to make love or have s** with a woman. In out, get off. Yeah if you have ED. Don't you dare say 'us white guys' You're speaking for yourself not for the rest of us who are real men and take care of our wives unlike you. 45 to an hour that's how long it should go. That's with foreplay. Divorced hu. Good. Marriage isn't for everyone pal.

  • Accurate! I serviced white women who needed exactly as you described.
    My colleague just left her husband because of the same & wants that sexual satisfaction plus the life she left behind hoping I'll provide that for her.
    Problem is I'm not into broken women anymore.
    White guys you have to evolve or you'll continue to be cucks or divorces.

  • I somewhat agree with you. I had s** with white women who told me that their husbands were all about getting in and out and not even letting the women enjoy themselves. I remember 3 married women who later brought along their husbands to show them how I do it to get each wife so hooked. One couple allowed me to go to their house, one came to my apt, and the other at a fancy hotel. The hotel husband gave me $50 for cab fare back to a bar where we had met. Amazingly, all husbands leaked their women p****** and f***** them after I was done.

  • Let me know if u want to give mine a go lol.

  • I sure would. Where is she at?

  • Orange county california

  • U would be surprised how many innocent acting white wives would be willing to take some black c***. Nothing better than breaking an innocent white wife into cheating on her husband. Love the challenge...

  • My wife is 48 very attractive. If u want to try let me know. I would love to make this happen.

  • I am a white single guy in 50 yes have had plenty of married woman most just want c*** some were long term so one nightstands sometime used condom some time on the nightstands not i.could be the daddy

  • Where are you located. Would love for you to try and seduce my white blonde wife without her knowing. U up for the challenge. Not sure if she would take the bait or not..

  • Anyone out there live to share desires with

  • I wanted my wife to get black f*****. I hear so many stories about it I wanted it to happen. Now she is f****** several black guys and I want to suck a black c***. She does it so it must be good.

  • Black men love f****** married white women. Revenge and reparations I guess for slavery. Yes, my wife has been taken twice too. I know there was no way I could have stopped it and even though my wife said she told then no and to stop she was taken anyway. She told me the s** was fantastic and she had huge o******. Now she wants black men instead of me!

  • Nice . I have f***** a lot of married mums most just want nsa s** sometimes use condoms but have been asked by a few not to use. s** with married wrong but good most just want s** nothing else .feel sorry for hubby sometimes working hard wife f****** around .

  • I enjoy it when my wife gets nailed by other men, especially married ones, love her to get pregnant by one of them soon.

  • Black ones? So she gives you a black baby for all to see. So they all know she is a black man's w**** and you are a sissy cuckold.

  • I am a thirty year old white woman who works for a small company of twenty people that employs twelve other women half are married and most are extremely attractive. We only have one black male working for us but in the two years he has worked for the company he has impregnated three of these beauties. He likes all of us but the three he impregnated are all very attractive blondes. I just found out that the first brunett has now joined the other three. She too is tall and beautiful. In her case, I happened to walk into the rest room after hours finding her on top of the counter with her black skirt and white silk slip pushed to mid thigh and her being totally impailed by a p**** of incredible size (some 12" in length and nearly 3+ in diameter). She seemed about to faint from the intensity of the o***** as he slowly withdrew his incredible large manhood from her. He had literally impaled her right through the crotch of her pantyhose because he is so large there was no need to lower her clothing. I arrived just in time to see him withdrawing from her still shooting very thick loads all over her crotch, her silk slip and onto her inner thighs. There was so much sperm it was impossible to believe he hadn't impregnated her and just a few weeks ago she confirmed she had a black baby inside her. I literally fainted upon seeing what he was doing to her and the incredible size of his p**** and the immense amount of sperm he e*********. I woke up resting in a chair and he and the white girl were nowhere to be seen/ I deeply regret that I too have now given in to my natural urges and had s** with him just last week in my apartment. I'm now waiting to see if I too have to tell my very conservative family that their beautiful white daughter is carrying a black baby. When and where is this type of practice going to end because I worry ,l that white male and female relationships will become a thing of the past.

  • Any updates? We would love to hear what happened after you posted your story.

  • I love to call cops on n******, and send them to prison.

  • I am surprised that folks are still reading and replying to this confession almost 6 years after I wrote it. Awesome! OP

  • I am always looking for bulls to f*** my wife i am a sissy in bed

  • Good man

  • Always nice to f*** married woman with a sissy hubby watching a real man at work .

  • I like the hubby to watch me and his wife f***.

  • My black friend satisfies my 55 yo h**** wife i have not had s** with her in years

  • My wife Kelly is a black c@@k sl@t. I love that she has been used by over 2000 black men,and counting. She works at a bar in a black neighborhood and she is the only white woman in the bar. The customers are only black thugs or they are black crackheads coming in to buy some crack from the owner.
    Kelly works for tips only so she dresses like a cheap dirty w**** and she has s@x with as many black men as she can at $5 each for whatever they want,and without any condoms so that they can c@m inside her. She works from 5:00 pm until 6:00 am or sometimes even for 4 or 5days straight. She has to give Tyrone $4 from each $5 that she makes. She has never come home with less than $200.
    She is totally loyal and obedient to Tyrone and she even has his name tattooed on her pu$$y. I love her and I love that she is a black c@@k wh@re. I don't want her to ever stop.

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  • I'm a married white woman, late 30s, and I work with a handsome younger black guy who is 24. He was always flirting with me, and for the longest time I resisted. But it was a perfect storm: s** with my husband sucked, I'd never f***** a black guy, and I was really attracted to him on multiple levels.

    We went out to lunch once, and afterwards I caved and agreed to go to his apartment. We had really passionate s** and he turned me inside out on his d***. He was so good. We kept on the affair for a few months, before my scruples returned and I put an end to it. My husband never found out.

  • On yea I did your gone divorce papers waiting for you.

  • Men rarely divorce their wife just because they have been used by black men. White men yes. But not black men. They know black men take what they want as reparations.

  • So true. I would be extremely upset if my wife had s** with a white guy. But she has had 3 black men and I find that hot.

  • I am a white man in my 50 love f****** married woman .have been lucky most just want s** nothing else some were young married woman in there 30 with kids.

  • So glad for men like you who can do our wives or gfs after all if they spread they need filled with c*** and c**.

  • Yes I have f***** a lot of married woman in there 30 some have kids most just wanted nsa s**.i am my 50s having been f****** one for a few months now without a condom great s**.

  • Young guy here , in my thirties but look like I am in my twenties, and White as White can be... Like you, I have been f****** married women for years (since I was about 23). The reason so many women f*** guys (and usually Black guys and/or younger men) is because their husband is a wimpy whiny sort who kisses their pampered ass... And they enjoy the nice car, jewelry and money, but they still need that p**** tore up on a regular basis. The guys like you and me,the guys they would never marry, are the ones to do it. I have been with several hundred women at this point, and for all I know, could have a dozen children out there (I don't like condoms- nothing is better than filling them up). The best p**** in the world is a forty to sixty year old Blonde who works out and takes care of herself, and if you b**** boy husband's don't, you will keep raising the b******'s of men like me.

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  • Dont know if its better, but for me letting other men have my wife , even to point of her concieving his baby , is ok with me as husband, after all we are all adults, and if my wife needs or deems to have anothers baby so be it, she is my wife and baby will be my offspring,that to me is true marriage.

  • Ur a c***! A sick f*** who needs a black c*** in ur a******!

  • Can i please knock her up for you so that she can have a bi-racial child for you?

  • Guys like you are needed today , no only do you save marriages but you also look after the wifes that us small c*** husbands can't
    Most of us husbands know what going on but turn a blind eye to it as the wife is so happy ,
    I just like to say a big thanks from us husbands who do know other guy are looking after our wife with no threat to the marriage

  • You are right.Many married white women I had s** with for long periods of time said that I was saving their marriages.

  • I found out last year my wife of 12 years has been cheating on me with several black men, I have been told by one guy that I meet accidentally in a bar, he didn't know me and that it was my wife that he was f***ing, but eventually when we got talking about women he told me he was seeing this women whom was married etc then he showed me some pictures of her in a g******* on his phone. I was devastated to see my wife on the pictures I felt sick and so upset words can't put it in context. I went straight home she was not there so I backed somethings and left for a week. I did return as I need to keep my job. I haven't confronted her yet but she knows there is a problem with use as I have been sleep on the couch, and leave early for work and coming home late as possible. I can't get the images out of my head . I have been back to the bar to find this guy, as I just want to kick his teeth in but on the other hand it is not his fault I guess my whole word has been turned upside down, and I really haven't a clue how to continue with things, I know it's sad but I feel I have the energy to challenge her.....? What a s^*^ life

  • Its very normal for most married white women to seek,seduce and f*** black men. Happens daily and its impossible for the white husband to suspect at times. I have had s** with many married women for years at a time without hubby suspecting anything.

  • Where are you

  • I think you done a good service for the White House wife's
    And I bet the husband know as well .and cuckolding is fast on the increase in the UK with young Dom black guy looking after the White wife's knowing that us wimp white husbands not only know we can't stop them but can't

  • I've been married to my wife 12 years and I allow her become sexually satisfied by blk guys as I'm gay and I don't sleep with her at all

  • Well we all have our wants and needs, and to let wife spread her legs is good and if we need to spread our legs for another male then we too need and want to be satisfied, and we dont need to feel guilty if we love to be used and satisfied like our wives.

  • I am a single white guy 50 and only have s** with married woman . i know it is wrong but they are the ones cheating most want a s*** when hubby at work and kids at school.

  • Where are you, i am looking for you to help my wife find a good f***

  • I understand what you saying. I have enjoyed many married women who wants nothing but s** from this black man. Many would shower me with expensive gifts,sometimes from joint accounts with hubby. I used to say no,but eventually it became normal.

  • Where are you some need to post a location or contact methoud, or is it because you are too busy ???

  • Yes , dont feel guilty, if wifwe is preading her legs for you , then we as hubbys arent meeting our obligation, so have at our wives, and thank you.

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  • A young black grocery clerk helped my wife load her groceries into her car and then asked her if he could show her something in the storeroom. She said sure and they went into the storeroom and he took out his p**** and asked her if her husband had anything like this and would she like it. She said no and yes. Long story short, he went home with my wife to help unload the groceries from the car.

  • And sure S h*** fu led her Brains out for her

  • My kind of helper, and my kind of woman or wife.

  • Weak story

  • Did they have s** then, or are they still doing it? How does she like it?

  • Yes wow you could with my wife, she would like a black guy,
    hope you can help, email dave.sue@gmx.co.uk

  • Wow you could with my wife, she like a black guy

  • Virginia post a contact #

  • I love it. I know that many married women have needs that are not taken care of. Mine is one of them. Iam very interrested in where you are loc. maybe you could help my wife with needs. johnelittle6969@yahoo.com

  • I would love for you to seduce my wife without her knowing I set her up. I don't think you can do it. Anyway my email is nowfaithm@gmail.com

  • I tried that email and got no reply

  • I would bet all the money I have that the writer of this is a short pudgy white guy.

  • He is not,hahaha

  • I think that proves he is. Done and done.

  • What's ur number ?

  • Youre an a****** you know it right? You like to f*** with married woman because their man isn't "satisfing" her enough? I hope someday someone torture you for 7 days straight, cut your b**** and d*** of, put them in your ass and kill you electrocuted using a metal d**** which is also in your ass.

  • Saw a real married white woman in a s** video getting F*****!
    Title is: " ballin white wife loves daddy's black d*** ".
    It's real apparently. Her name is Dawn.

  • He did it for folks like you and me. He is looking for us:

    Luke15 Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2 But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

    3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

  • 1My son, pay attention to my wisdom; listen carefully to my wise counsel. 2Then you will show discernment, and your lips will express what you’ve learned. 3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey, and her mouth is smoother than oil. 4But in the end she is as bitter as poison, as dangerous as a double-edged sword. 5Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave.a 6For she cares nothing about the path to life. She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it. 7So now, my sons, listen to me. Never stray from what I am about to say: 8Stay away from her! Don’t go near the door of her house! 9If you do, you will lose your honor and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved. 10Strangers will consume your wealth, and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor. 11In the end you will groan in anguish when disease consumes your body. 12You will say, “How I hated discipline! If only I had not ignored all the warnings! 13Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers? Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors? 14I have come to the brink of utter ruin, and now I must face public disgrace.”

  • I bet all the black chix on here sayin that they love white d*** are gonna get flagged by jelly black men. thats keepin it 100 in their book...smh!

    dunno whats worse, jewish white guys or confused black men.

  • You f***** gutterball no black man wants u anyways f***** hoe

  • Im a white girl and i would never f*** a black guy. their d**** look like a snake of fecal matter. disgusting pervs!

  • I am sure no black guy wants to f*** some nasty ignorant ass like you

  • How you know what our d**** look like. Sems you have been curious about them.

  • You gotta love all the black men on here catfishing as white women with cuckold fantasies to troll the white males.

    i can tell their all men by how they talk.

    women dont talk like that, 100% of all of you who even think this is real must be gay as f***.

    look up the big black d*** hoax on google. youll see black men with micro p****. i guess black women dont really want to insult their race with confessing how a white man made them c** their brains out to their husbands for the promotion. how blown out a nice bald white man made their p**** cause it would make their black husbands chimp the f*** out.

    in fact, its proven that black males are genetically inferior to white men.

    thats why my babies are caramel mulatto. my husband said the best way to destroy black people is to breed with them.

    he shot me so hard with sperm that i dont even look at other black men and they think giving me s***** leers is going to intimidate me. there is nothing like an aryan prince to make my black p**** gush. i especially love feeling my stomache get pushed up. so completing.

    black men are so wimpy. they make me sick cause they look like chimps and im a sexual nubian goddess to a white aryan who praises it.

    white people dont need affirmative action. black men are too controlling, whiney welfare cases who cry racism like some wussy ass dog. only a small demographic of black men actually lives up to my mans sexual endowment and prowess. alls they want is a mother and a f*** in a single package. prob f*** their moms when other black women or white women dont want them.

    - a black nubian goddess whos married to an aryan god of masculinity, ohio

  • PREACH!!!!

  • Only small white guys i seen were jewish and ewww no thanks! i want a real men and black men dont cutt it. stereotypes dont add up to the real thing.

    its either german or portuguese d*** for me i dont mind waiting kthxbai!

  • Jews aren't White. I'm of German ancestry and German women are the best p**** in the world.

  • One of my girlfriends got beat up for dating a white guy. that white guy was real tho and hes in prison now for a hate crime cause they accused him of being motivated by racism.


  • Black men with white women, ayy lmao.

  • Ever seen that movie sword fish? berry knew wassup. thats why she stuck it to mr wolverine even off screen, mhmmmm.

  • Very true.

  • Yeah i kinda figured those were black men cause who would sleep with them, ewwww..

  • N***** be niggin my niggg

  • I got me a lestat and im the queen of the damned, mmmmhmmmm :)

    white women and black men are sooo ugggghh!!! always got mommy n daddy issues.

    give me and my husband the dirtiest looks when we are in public cause of his size and my sexy yet petite body is too much to imagine for their small minds. they know we are sexually perfect and they just dont add up to it.

    white women and black men are made for eachother. we dont give a f*** over here in new york. we tell it how it is, come here sometime and see for yourself.

    the black guys here are a jokers and the white women are sooo grimey!

  • Why do you think there are so many black women single? cuz now all black men are as endowed as white men.

    once you go white, well... the black doods i know will get cray about it callin us race traitors, haha

    my husband is white. most of the black men here in ny date nasty throw away white women that the white men already had their kicks with.

  • #truth

  • Lmao.

  • A black golf buddy of mine told me he was going to f*** my wife. He did it and now I don't get s** anymore.

  • Well my wife has done several black c****, and says all c**** as long as they are hard and thick are what she needs, not better by color, and wants, so no color makes good f******, just what you want to end up with next day when you wake up in bed with. good hard peter.

  • You are like so many black guys. White wives crave black c***. My wife is n o exception. Nothing I can do about it so I just accept it. Divorce and remarry and I would face the same situation. I have seen black men's equipment and my wife gets much better s** from black men than I could ever provide.

  • Maybe you should tell their husbands you f***** there wives, then Id approve of it since they would no to get a devorce. I probably dont quilfy as a racist cause I dont hate blacks but I try to stay away from my daughters mother since she cheated on me with someone who is black although it would have been bad if he was white I would have maybe let it go but Im not since he was black and i suspect it more then the one time she did it in front of my face.

  • Don't be misled--you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.
    Galatians 6:7

    Beloved, read your New Testament

  • 1My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
    listen carefully to my wise counsel.
    2Then you will show discernment,
    and your lips will express what you’ve learned.
    3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey,
    and her mouth is smoother than oil.
    4But in the end she is as bitter as poison,
    as dangerous as a double-edged sword.
    5Her feet go down to death;
    her steps lead straight to the grave.a
    6For she cares nothing about the path to life.
    She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it.
    7So now, my sons, listen to me.
    Never stray from what I am about to say:
    8Stay away from her!
    Don’t go near the door of her house!
    9If you do, you will lose your honor
    and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved.
    10Strangers will consume your wealth,
    and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    11In the end you will groan in anguish
    when disease consumes your body.
    12You will say, “How I hated discipline!
    If only I had not ignored all the warnings!
    13Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers?
    Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors?
    14I have come to the brink of utter ruin,
    and now I must face public disgrace.”

  • I chatted in line with a talker like you for months about f****** my wife. Dozens of e-mails & 1 face to face.

    I cleared the way numerous times.

    He couldn't even get to the point of meeting her.

    But continued to relate his oncquests

    Talk, talk, talk.

  • You met a looser,I don't talk,talk,talk,I talk,and then fvuck,fvuck,fvuck,fvuck,fvuck,fvuck,fvuck,........you get the idea. Does your wife still want to be pleasured?I should also share with you that I have had many similar experiences from men who want me to do their wives or women/wives who want to be fvucked.I hate such a waste of time. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hack admin –> http://www.simplyconfess.com/admin

  • 30,000 views on 07/02/2015 and counting?????

  • The i hate Chinese confession will always be king here.

  • Shows its easier to hate than to love!

  • Very well done. Extremely!

  • I feel the same as you, and in fact I only date married women now: so much less complicated, because they are (for the most part) just looking for a sexual outlet, not something permanent. And they are much more bold these days. One of those I'm dating at present came up to me in a bar about 5 months ago and told me she wasn't looking to leave her husband: she just wanted somebody who could give her a good s*** about once a week or so. We didn't even know each other's names at that point, and she is 14 years older than me. "Just take me somewhere right this minute and s*** my insides to mush", is the way she asked me out "on a date" that first time. You are so right. So b***** right.

  • In my early years the girls my age weren't interested in me, but the married ones were. I turned them down at first but blue b**** got to me. I often felt guilty about it after. That ended when I met and had a long talk with one of the husbands. He seemed very wise and was very grateful for my service to his wife and discretion with it. I soon had a married woman fetish. Karma can be a b****. Now I love having my wife plowed for me.

  • You lucky dog! Been a while now since I did a married woman. Maybe I need to jump start myself and get back to enjoying life.Yes in a way,there is less complications for the man or the woman, if all it is is s**,no love. Some people have had affairs last longer than real marriages.I would never have started dating married women if I did not have so many of them approach me in my earliest 20s wanting lots of s**.Some married women are not shy,they say it as it is and understand situations I love that. If they are shy,uncertain or fearful, a little assurance and encouragement goes a long way.Have fun while you can and the d*** works,always remember that if you don't pleasure her,someone else will.

  • This post is just sad. Sounds like you are projecting the hurt you felt when your wives/girlfriend cheated on you into s******* married women. The world has really gone to s***. Nobody respects the institution of marriage anymore and it's truly a shame. Sorry to say but if you don't watch out this could come back and bite you in the ass big time. One day you will get caught and things wont be as thrilling. You are certainly entitled to live your life as you want but eventually you WILL reap what you sow. Do you ever think of if you are breaking up these women's families? Of course they are to blame also because they took the vow but I just don't see how your conscience.... isn't eating you up inside.

  • Thanks for your contribution and for pointing out the immorality in my actions.I did not go out seeking to sleep with married women as such. It all started when I was 21,nice looking,charming and all that.I discovered that married women were approaching me to chat,wanting to know me,for s**,whatever.I would say no at the beginning and was really shy at the time,but some could not take no for an answer. It did not help that I worked in restaurants,then healthcare, where women were so dominant.Mostly if I went to a bar(I was very reserved at that time,being in a new culture)I would buy my drink and watch people dancing on the dance floor,trying to enjoy myself and learn.A lady would then ask me to dance and most of the time I said yes(I never had guts to ask a woman for a dance).In three different occasions, before my mid 20s,three white husbands asked me to sleep with their white wives and I said yes(wives who were much older,two at fancy hotels and one at their home). Based on what I learned by then,I discovered that; a large percentage of married women sought discreet s** outside their marriage, some were bold enough to go after a man they wanted,if I did not sleep with a married woman who showered interest in me someone else would,the best policy was to let a married woman make most/all of the decisions,if I said no,the woman would think I was a wimp,I was the first black man most of these women were having a sexual experience with,some claimed to be sexually starved because the hubbies were no longer interested in s**,others showered me with money and gifts and I loved it,..All that,and some, made me gravitate towards married women.The thrill of being with one gave me some sort of a high.I saw no reason to chase a single woman when many married ones approached & wanted me.I have slowed down tremendously now.I do not know of any marriages I ruined because I had an affair with a married woman. I never fathered any kids or made any married woman pregnant.

  • ^So thoroughly true^. If some married piece isn't f****** you, she's totally f****** somebody else. So none of us should delude ourselves by thinking that refusing the advances of a married twist is keeping her from violating her vows or from wrecking her marriage, or that it's even taking the high road. A married slit that wants to cheat is going to find somebody to cheat with. It's happening all the time, more than ever in history. So, why should we deny ourselves the pleasure of s******* a married w****, or possibly place her in jeopardy of hooking up with somebody who'll give her STIs? Ask yourself that: Why?

  • Very well thought out-my kind of guy or thinking!

  • This is by far the most f***** up s*** I have ever read. If another man, black or white, f***** my wife and I found out you can bet both of them would be in the morgue. Men like you need to be shot in the face after having your d*** cut off and set on fire. What an absolute piece of s***. And for all the women commenting saying they do this exact thing I sincerely hope your husband catches you and slits your throat. Total. F******. Scumbags.

  • ^This^ guy's wife is almost certainly f****** dozens of other guys.

  • This s*** is real...this happens in the real world between real people.Violence is no answer to these phenomena.Talk to your wife about it and you may find out that she knows of friends and family members that cheat.Unless a husband or man has done a DNA for certainty,chances are the kids he believes to be his may not be.Wives are getting f***** by strangers, friends,co-workers,father/brother-in-laws,bosses,housekeepers, best men,ex-husbands/boyfriends and getting pregnant,without telling hubby the kid is not his. This is a quickie mention of how sexually complicated the world is.If you don't believe the men who have posted here,believe the women 100%.

  • ^too judgmental^. you have to recognize and admit that there is so much adultery in the world today that the institution of marriage just doesnt mean as much as it did at one time in the past. people cheat ALL THE TIME. and they enjoy it. and they should enjoy it. because s** is for pleasure. whoever we make love with it is for pleasure and we should be giving and receiving pleasure all the time. married or not. with your spouse or not. just pleasure. loosen your ass up and go have some fun!

  • Very well said.Not sure where this guy lives but it probably is in a deserted cave somewhere.His wife may be getting more pleasure outside the marriage and he may have no clue.Most of the married women I have had s** with are those most trusted by husbands!

  • ^so totally true^. my husband and i were at a party just a week ago and the discussion turned to a couple we all know that was having marital difficulties because the husband was cheating with a woman he works with. one of the men in the group at the party said something about how important it is to know the person youre married to so you know what they will or wont do. he said his wife knows for a fact that he wont ever cheat and he knows for a fact that she would never cheat. i almost started laughing out loud right there because i know for a fact that his wife has TWO boyfriends at the moment and shes very VERY sexually active (like you wouldnt believe). and the way i know is because my boyfriend and i have been out on a double date with her boyfriend and her. she and i have even made out with guys in the same car before and for a while about 2 yrs ago we were dating the same married man. so you are so correct about what you said. the husbands who are sure their wives arent cheating are the husbands who are usually the ones who are the most wrong about that! you are so right!!!!

  • I don't care what anybody in the world says but honestly,there is no such thing as knowing what any spouse would or would not do.People are never the same hourly, daily,weekly monthly,yearly,let alone a lifetime.Your story illustrates exactly what I believe in, and what I have experienced in my life.Your friend exemplifies millions of men in the world,who believe that their wives are faithful, devoted saints, when in reality they have devilish mischievous tendencies and are mere humans.If that guy ever finds out that his wife was cheating,he would probably kill her or himself because his ego won't be able to deal with it.I have no expectation of faithfulness in any of my relationships.I simply know that its very difficult for people to be faithful,though I know some are.Do you know what his wife thought about his statement that day? Why exactly does his wife cheat so fervently?How did you end up dating the same married man? Are you and the guy's wife sexually intimate?Glad you shared that story,thanks.

  • you are so very welcome kind sir!!!!! and i am very happy to be able to contribute something to this excellent topic and to your postings so thank you too!! i have to say that you have real intuition in your questions and even in the order that you asked them. its really amazing to me that a man understands so much about women's feelings and needs and lives and he isnt just out to get his own urges satisfied. really really amazing. and really really rare. you asked what his wife thought of his statement: well she wasnt there at the time and i'm sure you already know why. thats right she wasnt there because she was on a date! LOL! she told poor hubby she had to work late but the only work she was doing was perched on the k*** of one of her boyfriends! LOL! so you can imagine why i was laughing (inside) at what he said to all of us! his wife cheats on him because like most of us she needs more attention and romance and passion than her husband gives her. we all need s** and getting it while cheating makes it more intense and more thrilling. she and i dated the same married man for three reasons and again i think you probably could list them for me. he had a huge d***. he had a lot of money. and being his girlfriends at the same time added a kink to our s** lives that we truly needed at that point in our marriages. it was a really wonderful experience. and finally the answer to your last question is yes as i'm sure you also already knew. and i will add two things about that. first its the only pure and honest relationship i have ever had in my life. and second (get ready for this one, LOL) its the only monogamous relationship i have ever had. since we started i have not been with any other woman and i dont want to be. gay marriage isnt allowed where we live (for now) but we have both said that we would marry each other in a heartbeat if we could. of course we would still play around with men but never marry one. thank you sooooooo much!!!!!

  • I had to read your reply twice just to make sure I milk every possible ounce of sweetness out of it.You so kind I just wanna kiss you right now...just don't tell your hubby,lover or your gf I said that:). In any case,thanks for your kindness and insight.And keep reading and posting.

  • again: thanks so much! i just thought i would add that my girlfriend wouldn't mind if you kiss me. she would just say that you would have to kiss her too! now please replace the word "kiss" with the word "f***" and you'll have a clear picture of how ass-wild and oversexed the two of us are and how competitive we are. :)

  • I wanna kiss and f*** you guys together or apart. Where on earth can I find you?

  • There's not much in life that's better than cheating. My situation was definitely one of those the OP described: hubby cut off s** thinking he was punishing me. Fact chance. I found several men interested in picking up his slack. The one I enjoyed the most was black. I still miss him.

  • Glad you did not sit around crying and "licking your p****(wounds)" but instead kept on going and got your much needed and deserved pleasure.Men and women who think they can hold s** as a form of punishment are either dumb or living in caveman days. Thanks for sharing.

  • So right. I'm not the kind of woman who will sit around moaning and complaining, or who will beg a man to f*** me, or who will ask him to do what he's supposed to be doing in the bedroom. There are too many eager d**** out in the world to sit by and hope for the best. I go out and get myself f***** whenever I need it.

  • What ^this gentleman^ wrote about being chased is true. I chased one particular married black man until he finally broke down and began an affair with me like I wanted. My husband couldn't satisfy me (he really never got close to satisfying me) so I went and got what I needed. I have two other married girlfriends who are dating blacks, too, and we have occasionally even dated the same black man (but not at the same time). Plus, the way he describes himself is exactly what we look for: dark-skinned, more mature, educated and professional (no thugs!!!!!). But most of all we like them to be married so they have as much to lose as we do. So, yes, this is all totally the truth. And this man has probably bedded hundreds of married white women, of all ages.

  • Your assessment is very correct here. I'm very discreet in my operations-I would cause a woman no harm by any careless actions.After the first time a married woman and I have s**,I let the woman pretty much run the show.She lets me know when she wants me and how,she knows her hubby better and can do whatever it is she needs to do to safeguard her marriage.It seems to me that most married men,especially white ones,trust their wives so much that if she says she is running to Wal-mart at 10pm after the kids are in bed,he does not doubt that.In reality,she is headed to some guy's apartment for a quickie!.While trying to finish my first graduate degree,a white married woman wrote a check for $450 for my rent.I was worried her hubby could find out and things would get out of control.I insisted she does not write the check or pay the rent.She asserted that she wanted to do something nice for me(it was May-my birthday month).She assured me not to worry because her hubby completely trusted her and paid no attention to bank finances because he knew she was taking good care of that.I am very dark skinned and most of the white women love the color juxtaposition.Yes,I have bedded many women in my life and majority of them have been white and a larger percentage of those white ones has been married.This is not about bragging or insulting anybody.I respected every woman I slept with and enjoyed and savored every intimate moment we had.I love it when a woman seduces me for s**,its such a thrill and because more white women did that to me,I gravitated more towards them.My only regret is that I was too careful and never made any of them pregnant.OP

  • Christ! You're even more of a stud than I thought! I've often wondered what I would do if my black lover told me he wanted to impregnate me. So far, we are both in the mindset of using protection (and I wouldn't trap him: I think most black guys are very sensitive to that issue), but I think if he said he wanted me to have his babies, I doubt I could say the word "no". Like most black males, this man is used to getting exactly what he wants from married white females, and if he didn't get an illegitimate child (or children) from me, he get it from some other lucky white woman.

  • I used to be a "stud" but I have slowed down drastically in my "old" age. But I have not given up the dream of knocking up a single or married white woman-I actually will never give up that dream. I have dated an older divorced white woman for last two years and she is the sweetest woman I have ever been with.Despite the fact that she gives me the best s** possible,I have cheated on her 4 times more so because we started as s** friends(maybe 3x,since my kids mom is included in the 4).You are right,if you don't give your lover a kid or kids, when he decided he wants them,he may leave you(but u will find another guy for sure to replace him),play a trick to get you pregnant(you would have to decide to keep or not to keep),stay with you but find another white woman to have kids for him,ask you to leave your hubby for him,or "force" you to have his baby anyway,or simply do nothing and stay with you even if you say no.On the other hand,he may do none of those things. If he decided to want kids,the biggest Question you may have to as yourself is-is he worthy wrecking your marriage and life? Best of luck.

  • You said something that really kind of shook me hard. You said if he asked me to bear his children and I didn't do it, he would find another white woman to knock up. God, that is so true and so scary at the same time. I mean, my man hasn't asked, and I don't think he will, but if he did then I would totally say YES, because he could find a willing white woman in the blink of an eye, and that would totally break my heart. I would never NEVER want him to share that intimacy with another woman. NOT EVER. I don't mean to pry or to presume, but is that kind of where you feel like you are now with your white lover? She can't or won't give up the womb, so you're searching for someone to fill that need? God, just as I write this, it's like, Jesus, I can feel your pain over this issue. You love her but she can't provide what you need. Christ, yes......I understand it better now. That's so sad that she's not able or willing to do that for you. I hope you find someone who will, and that you are able to keep both women. You certainly seem up to the task!

  • My current woman is sweet beyond description. She is in her early 50(she is 4 years older than I am) and had problems and underwent surgery and cannot have kids as a result. Despite how lovely,caring,loving,unselfish or dedicated she is,I have a strong desire to have a baby with a white woman and would risk my relationship with her in a minute just to accomplish my goal.Its neither her fault or mine. It may seem shallow and selfish,but I always put kids first and a relationship with a woman second,out of what I have encountered in life with women.I am never mean or disrespectful to any women and she loves that about me and thinks the world of me.I just cant get that most important thing in my life from her-a baby.Instead of waiting for him to ask you for kids,be proactive and simply ask him if he would ever want any with you or anybody.Whatever answer he gives you determines what kind of relationship you two will have.Best of luck and thanks for your uplifting replies.

  • To be honest, I'd be a little afraid to raise the issue of children with him, for fear that he would think I had it in my mind to someday surprise him with a pregnancy he didn't want. Like I said, I find that black men are more sensitive to being trapped, and for perfectly understandable reasons. They seem to love having a white woman chase them down for physical relations, even though they can have any one of us they want, but I don't know about family......I've never had that conversation with one of my lovers, so maybe I just don't know. And I don't know how to bring it up in conversation. Is it better to do it when we talk on the phone? Or are out having drinks? Or in bed after he's done with me? My fantasy is that he asks WHILE WE'RE S*******, but that's just a romantic thing I have. I do NOT want to make this man I have right now EVER leave me. (Part of that is my knowing that if he dumped me, he already has his eye on one of my friends: nothing's happened there yet, but I know they want each other.)

  • Go f****** kill yourself you stupid f****** n*****

  • My wife said that she wanted to have s** with a black man to see what it would be like so after a few months I agreed to her taking a black man to bed at a local hotel, when they had spent the night together she came home to me and let me have s** with her but he must have been very well hung because she couldn't feel my p**** in her plus she had let him e******** inside her even though she wasn't using any pregnancy protection. I have had a vasectomy after our three kids. He got her pregnant but she did terminate the pregnancy because we couldn't afford another kid or else she told me she would have gladly given birth to a black baby, now she has a night out once a month having s** with men who are extremely well hung to satisfy her need to be filled with a large p**** but she now takes the pill but she is so stretched that I cannot touch the sides of her p****.

  • You're a f****** idiot Go shoot your wife and f****** kill yourself

  • How come its so easy for some black guys to find white women to knock up so easily but I cant even find one wanting to be knocked up?I am so tired of knocking up black women but not white ones. I need something to happen ASAP so I can get a white woman pregnant.

  • My wife is three months pregnant with a black baby right now (it will be our first child). I'm getting used to the idea, but I don't have any idea how we are going to ever explain this to our parents. We're both white, as are our parents. They all know the father, but none of them know he IS the father and I doubt we'll ever tell them it's him. It's a complicated mess, but I love my wife and I'm not going to leave her.

  • How is her pregnancy going? Ho is your relationship doing? Best of luck.

  • Surprisingly, the pregnancy is going really extremely well. Both of her older sisters' first pregnancies were constant nightmares (morning sickness, sciatica, headaches, etc.), so we both expected Liz's to more or less follow suit. But so far, it's been totally free of problems, and she says she really LOVES being pregnant. Our relationship is mostly okay, though it's been rough on me because she's intentionally allowed the baby's father to be "involved" in things, and so she's talking to him pretty much every day, either by phone or in person, and that makes me feel like I'm on the outside looking in, instead of him being in that position. Sometimes I feel like Liz and the baby's father are the couple and I'm just a bystander. Still, I want what's best for my wife, and this seems to be what's best for her, which also seems to include her continuing to have s** with the baby's father. Anyway, I guess that's just my gripe for the day. Thanks for asking about us: that's kind. You seem like a very cool guy and I can see why so many married women - especially married WHITE women - are always out to get with you. And why you make all of them so happy.

  • Nice made up story. If a white woman is going to cheat, it would be with someone she has a common identity with, i.e. another white guy, simply because your kind don't associate in places that we do with any common regularity. Nice try though. Next time you should make up a more believable story like you once wrestled Hulk Hogan while you were going down on a Sasquatch,

  • No need to make up such a story,its 100% true.You just need to get out of your cocoon and learn about whats going on in the real world.Its not the story,its you!lol

  • So true! More white married women are having s** on the side with black men than anyone realizes. It happens at work, at bars, gyms, pools, on vacations and even in their own beds.

    I was shocked when I discovered my wife was cheating with a black guy. I was even more shocked when I she told me that she had had at least a dozen black guys.

    I have now accepted the fact that my wife is like millions of married women. They need s**, variety, excitement and husbands never give them that.

    If you are married to a white lady, she is either doing it or will do it. No doubt about it. There are just too many black guys out there looking for them. And, they will find them.

  • Would love my wife to do it but we live in a rural community

  • I also think that so many white women are seeking and finding many black men-married or not,and having s** with them in all those places you named and some. It is also amazing that many married white women,whose hubbies are white or non-black,are going after black guys,having kids with them and having the non-black husbands raise those out of wedlock bi-racial kids as their own without much choice.These white women have a take it or leave it kind of attitude.

  • I see that 2569 more cheaters,fans and enthusiasts have read this post by today,11/25/2014 at 10:00 AM.

  • Read 15236 times by 09/27/2014. Simply amazing. The spam is so irritating.Imagine 75% of the readers could be cheating married women,lol.

  • Don't be so sure you are seducing them..may be a hotwife/cuckold scenario

  • True...relationships are amazing

  • Well,one never knows,women are complicated and its hard to read their minds or pinpoint their true intentions. They can make a guy believe whatever they want.

  • 12,136 people have read this? must be all white women,lol.

  • Lol thinking was never ya'll n!ggers strong suit

  • Stupid - real story now days is white men f****** black women in the office or anywhere. Black females are seldom married nowdays 28% of all black women are married is the lattest set. with black females under 25 almost 92% - that makes for some really good black p**** available for white men - white men - black female p*** is up 100% over the past 5 years. White men are f****** black women of all ages more and more evey day -
    while the black man tracked down fat white stinky s**** to f*** they left their own women to the white man - and in many cases these women are so hot that once you put your white c*** in them they screem so loud you can here them in China!

  • I consider women of any color accessible to my d***,anywhere in the world. I am an equal opportunity f*****,any race any size,any marital status,legal age. Since there is generally more women in the world than men,its okay for me to leave some for other men of any race or d*** size-am not a selfish guy.I don't watch much p*** so not clued in on statistical details. Any woman,any race can be hot,it simply matters how one chooses to view her.I met a fine hispanic lady today in an office building,I said hi and she real enjoyed to hear that,but I did not ask to f*** her because I was in a hurry.

  • Wow - I know in my office the white men have no issues having s** with us - any time any place as long as their wives do not know. My girlfriends and I just love f****** white men now days as they treat us good, spend money on us and are not as thought bad in bed. Our boss is a black female - married to baseball star (black man) in town but still has no issues sneaking off and f****** some of the young white men in the office - she brought me a few times and the 3-way with this young white stud was just fantastic. We are now doing it monthly. Do we care what black men think or white women - NO - it is our time - and there is nothing wrong with a white man or a good black man for that part - but brothers while your out chasing white P - things have changed - we have college degrees, know white men are not devils, and enjoy the attention!

  • You must have written both the replies that start with STUPID and WOW. I have no reason to hate and its an equal opportunity world so its really okay to enjoy ourselves without anybody getting hurt in the process.In your college English composition or writing classes,they forgot to mention to you that is important to proofread your work,correct errors and learn spelling. I think you made a mistake by mentioning that you have a college degree- you forgot the A, its not now days,its NOWADAYS:).I am not hating though!

  • The above is happening in my office to - we have few brothers and lots of white men - and they are paying us more and more attention and quess what - I had s** with my first white man last week - he was married but so what - he treats me real good - we both have college degree's and can talk about anything I feel like where on the same level of life - he actually asked me if I wanted to see if his wife wanted to a do a 3 way if she didn't he leave her for me - will let you folks know next week what happens but tonight it just going to be him and me and I can not not wait till that white d*** slides into ny wet p**** I have been playing with myself just writing this that I am slopping wet!

  • I would love to met and do you too HOT and Im great in bed

  • Yawn...that was a terrible story, is this the best you trolls can do?

  • You did not read it to the end and yet over 8000 people have read it? You cant read or what?Go to some school and stop being so illiterate the guy posted something interesting and you telling us BS

  • I am a white wife and I do enjoy some big black c****.

  • You have made a good selection,enjoy the black d***.

  • Bring your p**** over and I can eat and f*** it any way u like

  • Hum yes would like a black to f*** my wife

  • Where is your h**** wife?

  • Am ready to f*** her any time

  • (yawning): could not read this BS to the end- just another n*****'s boring fantasy

  • Over 8000 people have read it and I think you are jealous or retarded,lol

  • Most of this is bullshit, n****** righting up blogs to make others think its coming from white woman,

  • Hey guess what - black female here - college educated - good job - and I have given up on black men! Many many reasons - but know what - I have found that white men are no longer afraid to approach me - I have no issues with white men and want to have relationships with married white men so they can go home after ths swx. Nothing is better than how they treat me - buy me anything I want, pay my car note, rent - great wine and the all the trimmings - my girlfriends all now seem to have a married white lover - this is 2014 we have a Black President and so many of us sista's have college degree's and good jobs what else are we going to do but have good s** with a white man who at the end of the day has to go home and not hang around the house all day and borrow our car or money.

  • Righting or writing?

  • F*** you white bread P****.

  • I will like to meet her and f*** her had 4

  • Dummy! Made up name from a brother hanging on the Net instead of working!

  • Whats a white bread p****?

  • Sleeping with married women is wrong. if i heard you admit it to my face and saw you were going to do it to someone i know, i would beat the consciousness out of you with a baseball bat and then ask you when you woke up, "how did it go?"

  • I am a 36yo white woman marrie to a white man, I have four kids and have been married for 18 years. I was raised by racist parents and although I never agreed with their views, I didn't have the will to resist those views, at least not to the point of dating or bedding black men, so I didn't, even though I had the intense desire to. But getting married at 18 meant I hadn't passed up very many opportunities, and I didn't cheat on my husband after the wedding, so I had never been with a black man, nor had I been with very many men, period. Both those things changed two years ago, when my husband started traveling more for work and leaving me at home for longer and longer periods of time. You can see where this is headed, so I won't extend it: I began and have continued an affair with a black man. I'll acknowledge up front that I am in the very, very small minority in my present beliefs on this subject (though I'm not alone by any means), but your post made me want to express it anyway. I believe (completely) that nature intends for white women to be sexually partnered to black men - alone - and be sexually dominated by them. We should all belong to black males, regardless of our marital status, and we should be controlled by them, evenif it means telling our husbands that we are owned that way and taking our chances. I feel strongly about it, and that has been the evolution of my relationship with my MAN (I use the all-caps form intentionally and will tell you that my husband, in comparison, is less than a "man"). Sexually, I will do anything my MAN says to do and I will love him for it, no matter what. And I also believe that if any white woman would open herself to a black man this way, she would feel as I do. Nature intends for this to be the case. That is just how I feel.

  • My name is gamage black man from srilanka.I like to married woman

  • I wanted to add that what you are talking about in your two posts is similar to what the married lady in her early 60s has posted below, about leaving her family on Christmas day and going out with a black guy who was into BDSM,turning into a 15 year affair.She totally surrendered to him!

  • OMG! I am so gla said that! I didn't get that far down the thread of posts and missed it. Yes, yes, yes! I completely understand her feeling and argee with her point! It really IS surrender, and that is a wonderful thing to experience! I totally loved what she said about her interracial relationship, and that series of events on Christmas was incredible. And it was truly beautiful. Many people who read these confessions think they are all about s**, and certainly s** is a prominent and important part of them, but what she wrote about.......wasn't that love? Seriously, to care so deeply about a man and to have him direct your life so fully and so totally in conflict with your day-to-day life and your family existence, isn't that love?

  • It sounds to me that she sure loved the man or deeply cared about him.I am sure someday she will come back,read your comment and let us know how she felt. There is more to cheating than just s** and I totally agree with you.She is a lucky lady:)
    So what have you been up to?

  • You wrote this well.I know a racist husband whose woman got pregnant by a black man.He has changed his views and now believes that all white women should surrender to black men. You sound just like him.I am so happy for you and want to find a woman who thinks just like you.

  • As I admitted, I realize this is a minority view, but I know several white women (mostly married to white males, but some are single and 'dating' whites, at least on the surface of thing) who are deeply involved in long-term and committed relationships with black MEN. As you'd expect, I met all these women through my own MAN and his black male friends, so the sample can't be said to be random or representative, but that leads me to believe that there are a large number of women - albeit a small percentage of the population as a whole - who share this belief. And I use the word 'belief' purposefully, because this is a near-religious thing among all of us: we literally worship black MEN and take it as an article of faith that they are our superiors and are our only proper sexual partners. That is as nature intends it (our married white bodies do not lie), and the feeling that white women experience at the hands (and hanging limp and sweaty and satisfied and ruined from the fabulous c****) of black MEN can do nothing but confirm it: the naysayers are all white women who have never known the pleasure of being penetrated by the p**** of a black MAN. They are our gods. And white men know this; they just choose (conveniently, of course) to reject it. Finally, I'll close with this thought. You used the word 'surrender', in describing the relationship of white women and black MEN, and that is so perfect, because that is completely correct and it completely represents the relationship, both sexually and emotionally, and in every other conceivable meaningful way. Black MEN are the conquering army and white women are their conquered whores. That's the way it should be, and that's the way it is. It may take some amount of searching for you to find a white woman who shares this faith (it is a faith, even more so than conventional religion), but you will find them and the search will have been more than worthwhile. I wish you well.

  • That seems like a deep thinking reply! As an undergraduate student in some Minnesota Universities and Colleges in the late 80s and early 90s, I took a few philosophy classes and read complex thoughts by deep thinking philosophers, trying to explain the world. In my second semester in graduate school, I took a class in sociological theory, reading and writing endless long essays. I have seen you use statistical language to balance your argument.I am an equal opportunity dater and I have dated or slept with a number of married or single white women and learned quite a bit.Though it may be stereotypical,there are black men who believe that a white woman who is into black men has a certain look or physical characteristics and they can spot her in a crowd! I agree with you that, not every white woman is drawn to a black man. There are those who do it for fun and curiosity and there are those who totally surrender to the black man. Those who surrender totally get immersed in the MAN and can do anything and almost everything he asks of the woman. In turn, he totally surrenders and devotes himself to her, regardless of what the world thinks or wants. The belief in each other becomes like a religion...absolute, unshakable, unquestionable, self evident; all driven by faith in the choice and the person. There are white women I have known or know now, married to white husbands but devoted to or totally in love with black boyfriends or men openly or discreetly. I have read extensively about cuckold relationships whereby white husbands allow their white wives to have and keep a black MAN and lover. I was shocked to read about white couples with biracial children, fathered by the wife's lover, and raising them happily and unapologetically. I must confess here that I will be the happiest man in the world to find a woman who will totally surrender herself to me and in turn, have me surrender my whole being to her. Thanks for writing, jump starting my heart and jogging my memory

  • A lot of white guys think white women only s**** Black guys because of the BBC. There are other reason though because there are plenty of hung white guys.

    First of all most Black guys have a swagger that most white guys lack. Have you ever seen a white guy at the store? Very few of them look like they're relaxed. White guys run around with that gay-assed beanie with a bill, and it's pulled down to cover most of their face. They walk around fast like they're afraid of being f***** in the ass.

    Second of all, women crave something different. In fact most people want something that's aside from the norm. Sometimes having something different makes a person feel like they stand out.

    Third... some women perfer a guy with a dark complexion. It's true, the same women that are attracted to black and hispanic guys also like tanned white guys.

  • I agree with some of your observations.I laughed hard reading your post.

  • Black women are like communist Russia... they f*** you. I have never sweated like I did with a black women. The one I screwed had the perfect body and a tight lickable ass. They'll ride your c*** like it's the last time they're ever going to f***.

    She was Bi too. The next time she came over she broght another black friend of hers. I was shooting up cotton wads when it was all said and done.

  • Black women are good f**** but tend to not like giving head. I have been with four and two did not give oral. Most white girls will give head and swallow. Asian girls will do most anything you ask if they really like you or you have money. Most Latin girls will do everything because they enjoy it too.


  • I don't wanna be dead yet...more married women still need me alive! Thanks for your concerns though my friend.I will be extra careful this year.

  • Yes maybe I am a white guy I like to f*** black woman cause they have a solid body and a hard ass, almost 8 out of 10 black woman are crazy s** maniacs they stare at me as if they want to eat me.. Mostly they are good in bed but I wouldn't marry one cause it's only for s** I want them not for love..

  • Hmmmm, good point. Is sticking it into a white woman really more about "sticking it" to "the man" ?

  • A very typical black guy. Using his c*** and walking away from any accountability. Also typical is using a white mans leftovers. Like all those jenky used cadillacs with 250k miles on them. The white guy had it new, the black guy gets it used and falling apart but buys some spinners and thinks hes the s***. But we just laugh when he drives by. Loser.

  • Sold cars in my younger days and learned how to buy them new or used,white man taught me how to sell them to his mother and father,brother or sister and make money proudly.I am so good at it.Have enjoyed many women any race,young and fresh,had s** with my first gf when she was a virgin,later met my daughters mom when she was 17,my sons mom was 23.Many others I can spends weeks stating here.Nothing you can tell me about getting fresh or used;I like them all married or single,any race.If you have ever slept with a woman who was not a virgin,then you are the same guy you trying to put down.I am laughing at you back,lol!

  • 42yo black male here and i agree totally. the only thing better than white p**** is married white p****. my wife is white but she has no idea how many other white women i have f***** or am still f****** during our marrige of 9 yrs (2nd marriage for both of us). i love the way it feels to have a woman leave her family and come to me for the love shes not getting at home. nothing is as sweet.

  • What city and state do u live in? Or surrounding area close by?

  • I am asking the 42 yr old black man, what State do you live in?
    I think I know you. You live in South Mississippi, don't ya?

  • I totally agree with you.There is no greater gratification for me than f****** a married white woman when compared to a single one.A large number of the married women I have slept with have hit on me first.I like that very much.I have no idea why.I have actually been thinking of finding a married white woman who wants a baby and getting her pregnant.Its a long short but who knows.
    I know you gonna be careful and don't get caught.Send me the ones you are not interested in any more.I am hoping to find and sleep with a married woman on Christmas day,as my Christmas present:)

  • I'm a white woman, married, early 60s, and wanted to share a thought. Years ago, while my husband and I still had young children at home, I got involved with a dominant black male who was a master in a local BDSM group. I never went to the group, out of fear of being discovered, but met this man through a married girlfriend of mine who was active in that scene. Our first meeting was just chit-chat and nothing sexual, but he called me the next day and told me he recognized a deep submissiveness in me, along with a deep need for adultery and a deep need for "massive black d***". He spoke with authority and refused to accept any excuse for coming to meet him, and he insisted that as soon as I hung up the phone I get in my car and drive across town to meet him: it was an order. I still don't know why I did what he ordered, but I did it. Having never cheated on my husband, and having never been dominated by any man (I was a women's libber, through and through), I got in my car and drove to him and became his slave that day. The s**, from the beginning, was always rough and rude, and it was always incredibly risky (he soon ordered me off the pill and refused to wear condoms himself), but it was always wonderful and it was always exactly what I needed, even when I didn't know I needed it. On Christmas morning, after having been involved with him for only about two months, he called me at home as my children were opening their gifts, and while Christmas dinner was in the oven, and ordered me to come to him. I stammered, trying to explain (in a whispered voice that my husband couldn't hear) that my family wouldn't understand my leaving, but he wouldn't have any of it. "I own you and you will do as you're told", was his response. There's not room here to provide the explanation I gave my family, or how our relationship developed, so I'll just say he got on that Christmas morning, and that afternoon, what you want this Christmas. It's out there, and I just know you'll get it.

  • What an inspiring story!I wish you could write again and tell us what you told your family that Christmas morning.You can even email me if you want,my email is here somewhere.
    Thanks for the confidence you have that I will get what I crave. I wish you a fun Christmas this year full of the fond memories you have from when the black guy dominated you:)

  • My black master suggested I make up something that couldn't be verified, maybe regarding someone who I knew, but my family didn't. As you might guess, I was mortified and not thinking clearly, having to leave my family on Christmas morning, but I took my relationship with this man seriously, so I stood in the living room, in tears (they were real, but not for the reason I offered), and told my husband and children that a woman at work who had just moved here had to go to the E.R. and had no family or friends, so I was going to go be with her until she was admitted. I was sick, sick, sick about lying to them on Christmas, and sick with the shame of doing that ............ until I got out of the driveway. That was when I started to drip, and that was when my p**** and my ass started to throb with desires like nothing I had ever known, because I knew what was coming. I drove like a maniac to meet him at a horrible little dive of a motel out by the airport, where he had me blow him in the parking lot in broad daylight as the price of my admission to the room. Yes, in the parking lot, and not inside the car: he made me kneel in front of him and blow him next to my car. The desk clerk came out to complain, and my master had me blow HIM, too, as compensation for both the room and my public indiscretion. We then went inside and he proceeded to give me the most powerful f******* anyone had ever given me, and I left there with his c** still swirling around inside me and oozing out of all my holes (he wouldn't EVER allow me to return home unless I was full of his c**). And I left even more fully "owned" by him, and more in love with him, than ever. I remained his happy slave for over fifteen years: it only ended because he retired from BDSM and maintained only his marriage to his wife and an affair with a VERY young white girl. But I still love him and still consider myself owned by him. I am his property, and I will always be so. I wish you that kind of Christmas this year.

  • What a fake. F****** troll.

  • All the white men screaming f****** troll with hard-ons in their pants!

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  • You sound like a totally narcissistic a******. Eventually you ARE going to ruin someone's marriage and you probably won't even give a s*** whatsoever. Oh, and how many undiagnosed std's do you have by now that you are probably unknowingly spreading ?

  • Amazingly,no STDs,I just had a check-up last week. I have been luck,careful and blessed.I am not narcissistic,I just like f****** married women because they like f****** me also.I have no desire to ruin a marriage.

  • It doesn't matter if you "desire" to ruin things for someone else or not. You're helping put a woman in a position to f*** up her marriage. You are undermining her commitment to someone else. You are helping her s**** over some other guy. That means nothing to you? Then your ethics are worthless. I think you enjoy undermining others' relationships. Especially because you like to go after happily married women ? Maybe because you don't have a good relationship of your own you like to undermine others' relationships? Otherwise you would go for single, unattached women like you SHOULD. Oh, and by the way ? Standard STD testing typically does not include testing for herpes. Did you know that ? So make sure you ASK for herpes testing. You may be in your 40's but you clearly never grew up. Good luck, one day despite your d*** getting around, you may actually become a real man.

  • I test for everything!
    Claiming to be happily married and being happily married are two different things.No is no and yes is yes.When I hear no,I move on till I get a yes.When a married woman asks me for a date,I am not going to say no because the next guy is gonna say yes.I don't want to miss out.It will be morally wrong to deny that woman what she likes,wants and deserves!

  • How is "morality" based on giving someone else "what she wants" ? If she wants to kill small children and eat them and it gets her off sexually...that means you are obliged to help her out with that too ? Your argument that you're being "moral" by f****** married women is total BULLSHIT. You STILL don't give a rat's ass about her husband whom YOU are helping HURT... you are undermining their commitment to each other. It's THEIR problem to work out their sexual differences, you don't have a RIGHT to "help" her by f****** her. Just because another guy will get some if YOU don't take some is NOT you being a great guy AT ALL. You're just a douchebag who wants to get your c*** wet in other guys' women, that's it, plain and simple. As for std's, you'll still get one eventually. Many std's don't manifest symptoms for months and years. You won't know you're infected by some woman who doesn't even know SHE'S infected and transmitting something to you.

  • You have to compare apples to apples,killing and eating small children may be your fetish but it does not compare to f****** a married woman.Maybe they have worked out their differences and they find the irreconcilable? You sound very angry,I am sorry if your wife or hubby or boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you.So that you can feel better,I have had s** with 3 women this week,none of them are married:)

  • You're not sorry one bit if anyone has cheated on me or if I'm cheating on someone or if anyone is cheating on anyone so don't fake apologize. I'm not angry at all. I just happen to think you're a self-deluded loser with no ethics except following what your d*** wants. Which doesn't make me an angry person but a factual one. F****** single women this week ? Or only ones with boyfriends ? They're probably still someone else's woman...and you probably still don't care as long as you get off.

  • Sometimes there is no such thing as a truly single or a married woman.There is just a woman.A single woman,just like a married one.I know a married woman who has been cheating on her hubby for 20 years and has f***** over 100 men. I know single women who have multiple boyfriends and each thinks he is the one and only.I have been with over 350 women sexually and I have worked in a women dominated industry for over 25 years,I know what I am talking.
    You strike me as a guy who will commit suicide if you see your wife or girlfriend saying hi to the mailman.One can lock a woman in ventilated drum and throw away the key;she will still figure out a way to get out and go cheat if she so desired. Actually,more married women,compared to married men, cheat.I want to be the man of choice for a cheating married woman.I have no shame about that.The woman desires what I have to offer and I will give it to her.Its a demand and supply kind of situation I learned, later, in my MBA classes.I am thinking you are not very exposed to women and am not even sure if you are a man or woman.

  • Wrong-o, Mr. I-Have-Everything-Figured-Out...I am a married woman and I think your type of man is a complete selfish p****. You thoroughly approve of, encourage AND enable people cheating AND lying to each other. Your supply and demand theory just rationalizes what you do. There is no way to redeem or excuse what you do. Even if I was single, I wouldn't touch someone like you, knowing your values are lower than the scum in a toilet and your d*** gets around as much as it does. P.S. MBS classes aren't where one acquires VALUES. And I mean ETHICS. I'm not espousing any particular religion or philosophy. LYING isn't good or acceptable in ANY worthy belief system. (Except for your's I guess.) In the legal system, you'd be aiding and abetting and a co-conspirator in LYING. Hope you ever figure that out.

  • I am sure you mean MBA and not MBS for one.Secondly,I never have to lie to sleep with any woman.I have learned that the truth gets me more women than I can get lying.I am not aiding and abetting anything actually,am meeting a need.I am glad to know you are a married woman and things are going well for you. Many self assured women, like you, are shocked to find out that their husbands,who appear so trustworthy,have been having affairs for years and even have kids. Look at our General, who admitted last month to have carried on an affair with a younger woman.Not even the most respected security agencies in the world found that out till a mistake was made.
    I belief strongly in ethics.There is no pre-package ethical standard universally accepted on this issue. To have or not to have s**, with a married person is the question.I think its wrong for me to refuse some good p**** and let a woman suffer.Its unethical to deny a woman what she so strongly wants,desires and deserves.
    Can you imagine how many men and women have s** daily with people who profess to be single but are actually married? Please,do not think that your p**** or your person is too untouchable by a man like me.I have slept with many women who think like you and brag about how faithful they are.One time,I seduced a happily married woman for 3 months.Eventually,I had s** with her 8 times and we only stopped because she came over to my place one night,we had awesome s**,fell asleep and she got up at 3am. . When she went home,hubby asked her where she had been all nite and she gave an explanation that did not seat well with him.I seduced her because she looked good and she was always very nice and friendly towards me and could even give me hugs.She later told me that she always wanted to have s** with me and liked me all along,she just could not want to look easy.
    If your hubby was not satisfying you mentally and sexually,what would you do? I hope you give us a truthful answer and be ethical about it.

  • Yes I meant MBA, I didn't think you needed a typo correction to clear that up. RE: "Its unethical to deny a woman what she so strongly wants,desires and deserves." First of all, you should have said "it's" not "its". If that kind of thing matters to you. Secondly, do you even know what "ethical" means or "unethical" means? If by definition it refers to a guiding set of principles, then the only ethics you follow are what your d*** wants. As shown by your statement "I think its wrong for me to refuse some good p****" which shows your REAL motives. Your c*** thinks FOR you, so much so that your other head (the one that's supposed to contain a brain) rationalizes what you do to other couples and families. Yes, remember, families are involved as there are sometimes children as well- children whose mothers YOU are helping cheat on their fathers. Don't worry about whether or not women get c*** elsewhere- that has NOTHING TO DO with how YOU act and with how YOU conduct YOURSELF. Despite what you say and desire to do, there is NO law, ethic or obligation that requires you personally to f*** any women just because "they want it" or you THINK they want it. Secondly, if a married person is not satisfied with their spouse, they're SUPPOSED to discuss that WITH the spouse and if they can't work things out over time, then DIVORCE. Marriage is NOT only about sexual satisfaction. It is a long term association between LIFE PARTNERS who are supposed to support and love another DESPITE difficulties that arise. Solving sexual dissatisfaction outside of the marital relationship and without the spouse's knowledge is CHEATING and LYING to the person who's supposed to be your life partner. What would I do about being sexually dissatisfied if I was ? See what I just wrote.

  • Ethics pertains to right and wrong,morality, etc. In my book,it is wrong to deny a deserving woman s**. I don't have time to counsel anybody,I have time to f***.
    You did not really answer my question. You will never change my view on this.I will keep doing women including married ones. I have a new one lined up for tomorrow:)

  • I did answer your question exactly, unless you're too stupid to pay sharp attention to what I said because you're too busy sticking your d*** in whatever woman you can find. And of course you won't change your mind. Because you're all about YOU and what YOU want. Your d*** thinks for you. Have a wonderful time continuing to undermine other people's relationships.

  • I think you like me...I think you go to bed and rub your c*** dry,wishing I could f*** you.You keep coming back here trying to see what I wrote back to your mindless replies.I bet you your hubby does not satisfy you sexually or mentally and you have developed some sort of d*** envy...you hate the woman getting too much d*** because you wish you were the one getting it.
    Anyway,you did a half ass job answering my question and I am bright enough to see that.I bet you you had a 1.0 GPA at graduation. I did not ask you what everybody else does or would do,I asked you what YOU would do. Anybody and their mom would do what you just said and some of the women I have dealt with have done more than you stated.Therefore,you were not truthful and did not grasp a very basic question,your answer is unacceptable.Read my question first then then read your answer 5 times and see if it answers my question the way I asked it. Always answer the way the question wants you to,not the way you think you should answer.Maybe that's how you answer your hubby and he puts up with that.
    PS. I did f*** that married woman today and she wants me to get with her again this weekend.Yes,I have been sticking it somewhere today.

  • Also to the OP: I think YOU keep coming back and reading my definitely-not-mindless replies because you secretly KNOW what a piece of s*** you are morally and ethically and you will fight to the death to defend your selfish ways because you can't stand what you see when you look in the mirror. That's why you come on the internet and brag, brag, brag about what you do- that is, if even any of it is true. You probably don't even f*** anyone and just wish you could. You're in your 40's and your d*** probably shriveled up a long time ago. Probably white women want nothing to do with you and it just enrages you. So you come here and pretend you're some big black stud and it's probably all bullshit.

  • Lol,why are you so angry with me? Happy New Year to you.How have you been?Sorry it has been a while.
    I hate to take this to another year but I need to let you know that, whether you admit it or not,you have developed a crush on me.Yes I am in my 40s and my d*** is more active than your hubby's.If you want to prove me wrong,try me.I will even fly over to your city at my expense, just to make you moan and c** harder than your hubby has ever done. I don't brag,I state facts.White married women like you are my specialty.I pleasure them sincerely,honestly and discreetly.Its what turns me on the most.If you meet me in a grocery store,you will never suspect that I do that.My closest friends don't even know I indulge in s** with married women.You know a lot about me and if you wanna f*** me,just admit it and I will pleasure you for a long time to come.

  • Your ego is so f****** huge that you think EVERY woman likes you. So go ahead and flatter yourself and think I like you too but you'd be dead wrong. In answer to your drunken rambling and accusations, I'll spell it out for you again, since you don't apparently digest anything I say because it doesn't agree with your SELFISH path in life...regarding your question: " If your hubby was not satisfying you mentally and sexually,what would you do?" I would address the problems with HIM and try to solve the problems with HIM and if we couldn't do that ? Then I would LEAVE him and NOT cheat on him. Because if someone is your LIFE PARTNER they deserve BETTER than being LIED to behind their backs. That's called having integrity. Something YOU know NOTHING about because you lie to yourself every single day about your true motives AND you help married women lie to their spouses. I like this website, that's why I come back to it and not for the benefit of YOU.

  • You finally understood my question and even answered in right and in an educated manner.You get an A for forthrightness! Some of the women I do have done what you just stated.For some reason or another,they have not left their spouses.That is beyond my control.My objective is to supply what they want and satisfy their immediate needs and I honestly do that well. By the way how did you post two replies attacking me here without giving me a chance to reply to your first one first?You got tired of waiting for my replies? I have been coming to this website because I like it and for probably longer than you have been.I just get the impression that you want me and don't quite know how to express or acknowledge that straight up.You are not trying to c*** block are you?
    I could be wrong but I get this impression that you are an idle moralist in a small town,population 69 people,where nothing much seems to happen.
    Did you know that some people have open marriages,are cuckolded,or live in loveless/sexless marriages,etc and can engage in s** with whomever they find or please? For 2013,please make a point to open your eyes and get educated on the matters of love,life,marriage and s**.Marriage is more than being faithful honestly. Since you have such a wonderful marriage(I am happy for you honestly on that and pray it continues that way) am sure you have shared this discussion with your hubby.What is he saying?

  • Lady, don't worry about it. We all know that the OP is actually just a monkey animal that can't resist his animal urges. He's sub-human. You can't argue with a monkey. So stop trying. If a white woman wants to have s** with him, it's like having s** with a dog. It's just nasty. They migh love it, but he's still a monkey.

  • That's the problem with some white men, in an attempt to prove you're superior you result in very shallow attacks on other races. It's your fault if you can't satisfy your woman, nature will be the ultimate judge on who's superior. Call us monkeys all day, we won't turn into them. It'll just stand as a reminder of how petty you can get when you don't have something tangible to say or offer. Your say racism, I say jealousy. Plain and simple, that's why your attacks are more embarassing than insulting. They just expose your fear, not as a race, but as an individual that's why you have to hide behind your race because as an individual you're weak. That's what racism really is. If you really think someone is a monkey, why do you feel the need to call them that? I bet you don't go around calling dogs 'dog'. Frankly it's juvenile.

  • Lol...that was funny,how would you know what it feels like to have s** with a dog? I happen to know that some women like having s** with dogs and other domestic and wild animals and don't think its nasty at all!I think there is a confession on this site describing how wonderful it is to engage in b*********.S** is nasty sometimes..some women love a nasty f*****.You must be a closet zoophile!Please don't bite more than your few teeth can chew!

  • Most married women are real filthy Whores anyway. Been there unfortunately and i was the very faithful husband too.

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