I love it when my wife p***** on my face

I know judgemental prudes will say I'm a sick b******. I know some unenlightened people will erroneously think this s*** isn't normal, but I love having my wife p*** on my face. You know that saying different strokes for different folks? And how about whatever consenting adults do behind closed doors is cool as long as no one gets hurt. That's where I'm at. You know how some people say there's nothing wrong with being gay? Well there's nothing wrong with being a guy who gets his pleasure from golden showers of p*** raining on his face while his football big body quivers from wave after wave of mindblowing bliss. That's where I'm at. You know that saying don't knock it until you try it. That's what I'm talking about.



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  • I'd like to p*** on this sick f*** of a confession.

  • You are sick bastards who need some Jesus in your perverted lives! I'm pleading the blood Jesus comes down and straightens your f***** up lives out. Amen!

  • That's nothing. I like it when mine poops on my face. God! That's hot!

  • Dude its cool tahts your honest. I also believe that what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their choice. Its sexy that u find ur wife p***** on ur face sexy. Me an my boyfriend have spoke about it an he said he would let me do it which turns me on that he even thinks my p*** is sexy but its just not my thing. Good on you guys x

  • YUCK

  • PRUDE! Hope that helps. - Squadfather

  • I'm not a prude, dude. I just know what's disgusting and what isn't. Normal people don't wanna be p***** on...virtually or actually !

  • OMG! Judgemental much?

  • Nope ! Just INTELLIGENT.

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