F***** 3 Women

A woman I f*** once in a while had been irritating me for the last week.Then she text me on Sunday night that she wanted a f***.I told her to come over,we had some beers and talked,then I f***** her,she came twice and took off almost immediately.
Then Monday night,another woman kept texting me.She is older and I had f***** her only once before and she has a very tight p****.The last time I had been at her house,I only let her give me a b******* and drink my c** so,I felt like it had been so long and I needed to f*** her. I stopped at her apt by 1130pm,her male roommate was already sleeping on the couch,she mixed me a whiskys and brandy with sprite and we went to the bedroom. I f***** her and we fell asleep.I left at 2am and she was p*****.
Then last night,another woman kept texting me begging me to f*** her because it has been too long.I finally said yes but on one condition;she had to agree to leave as soon as we finish f****** so that I could sleep.I don't sleep well when she is here because she touches and caresses me all night long. She started doing that last night and I removed her hand,I think she got upset got the message and left.I waited a minute and went and locked my door. I had to wake up early and work on a research paper and needed a good night sleep.

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  • ... And then on the night after the 3rd woman , you awoke.

  • Yea so let me get this straight, you f***** 3 women in 3 days. Is that it? I once had a 5 day streak with 4 different women (banged one twice on alternate days). Don't know what you are confessing...OH is it that you don't care about them?

  • I am lost. Other than a hum drum tale of loose women, and probably no one you would want to be seen with, are you asking a question, trying to find what you are lacking in a relationship, or just prove that you are an insensitive j***?

    Maybe latent homosexual tendencies, not that there is anything wrong with it, but if you don't feel any attachment, or that s** leads to greater emotional ties, you may not be making the right connections you need. I think some man love will be in your future.

  • women are whores

  • You're a piece of s***, loser.

  • For what it's worth, I think you lead a charmed life. And I am so totally envious.

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