I want to f*** my girlfriend's sister... :/

Firstly, I'm 19, so's my girlfriend. Her sis is 17. The legal age of consent here is 16 btw so dont even try and come back with your stupid 'pedo' s***, because 16 is the proper legal age for s**, alot of you Americans are morons who follow every law like sheep. I want to have s** with my girlfriend's sister, she came over and stayed at our place for a night, and I kept hoping that my girlfriend and her would end up in some sort of bisexual experiment and I'd end up mixed up with it... Is this normal? I'm very in love with my girlfriend, but her sister is just so damn hot... What should I do, I'm definitely not gonna try and iniate anything, this is just stupid, so what can I do get rid of these feelings?

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  • Go ahead bro d*** her down if you are really lucky it will turn into a threesome

  • Even if it is legal, it's a bad idea. It won't work and it's not right. your gf and sister in a bisexual experiment ?? that's assuming ur gf has bi tendencies and wants to f*** her kin.

  • Your a D*** face little b**** and this American would stick his foot so far up your little boy ass you'd suck D*** the rest of your foreign ass life. hope you choke on lamb nuts.. Hope you get caught and your girl chops of your little p****.. America is better than you'll ever be.. So carry on and go take a bath w another man

  • I legit took a s*** on the American flag when I found out that ypu dumbasses chose Trump as your leader after Obama lol byeee xoxox

  • America is putrid with putrid people. You dog

  • So being a pedophile is how your special snowflake syndrome manifest.

  • Best thing i could tell you, cus i also wanna f*** my girl's sister...is earn her trust...workout, find out what kinna guy she likes physically and be that...whenever your girl and her are around, show crazy affection for your girl, kiss her a lot but not to the point when it becomes gross...but continue to become real close to her sis and try talking about things that you might have in common with her

  • I would say do it but here is what u do, be friendly an dominant toward her an ur gf, touch her arm or find excuse to, like magic trick which involve u holding her hand, touch her in a sexual way without being obvious, an get her turn over with u, play with her hair, by rubbing her head, if she smile say good girl, then hug her, make sure whatever u do can be explain, look deep into her eyes when speaking to her, then look do to her lips then back to her eyes with a smile, make sure she confess her desire first, an do it the moment she start to confess, dont give her time to think before u no it, u should be inside her an by then it's too late for her to say anything, after tell her ur sorry an it cant happen again because ur in love with her sister, but keep doing the same thing as before, an when ever ur alone, f*** her again then act like u regret it, tell her u cant keep doing thing, max of 3 month she should be in love if u make her feel like u want her, dangle a carrot in front of her but never let her reach if u follow my drift, that what i normally do

  • Yes Senpai.

  • You're a star

  • Nice!

  • Looool u Sound like me

  • U r a king ????

  • F*** yeah he is

  • He is king


  • One more thing go bareback it get woman really emotional, c** inside if u want, woman like a man that take charge

  • Have a cold shower

  • Lol

  • I did to my friends sister, I was 28 my friend was 21 and her bf 18, she had a sister who was 17, she was filthy and amazing, for a solid 5 months we had s** pretty much everyday, I don't think I slept very well lol. I do miss those times.

  • My wife and her 3 sisters all look quite a bit a like. Look & fantasize, but do yourself a favor and don't touch

  • At 28, I f***** a friend's younger sister who was 17, almost 18. Pretty redhead and my first experience with a red. Loved the tight p****, the firm perky little t*** and the milky white skin with freckles. That red bush, actually carrot color, was wonderful. Chancey but nothing came of it. We both enjoyed it and got off, so what can I say.

  • Your a grub that's just messed up she's still a little girl

  • At 19 I wanted to f*** everybodies sister, including my girlfriends. It's normal, but keep it in check. YOU are going to have to figure out if losing you gf is worth a shot at the sister. and maybe baby sister would freak out if you approached her and you'd lose them both...be cool. You know your gf better than any of us. do you REALLY think she'd be into getting it on with her sister? don't let the unreal p**** s*** on the net mess with your head. I think 99.9999999999% of women would NEVER share their boyfriend, especially with their younger sister. Get real, let it go, but I know, it's great to have this s*** running through your head! For most of us, our fantasy s** life is NO WHERE near our real s** life. IT would be a messed up world if it was.

  • I have had my sister-in-law, she started to flaunt her body in front of me and then put my hand on her chest, things progressed each time we were alone until eventually we ended up in bed.

    Be warned though it can always go wrong!

  • Beautiful

  • Try to avoid her. if you ever do something ur gonna lose both. so stop watching and thinking of her like a sexy hot girl. imagine she is your sister

  • OP here; but ive never had a sister so brother-sister incest doesnt bother me... :(

  • That's kinda weird

  • Here's the thing. You aren't supposed to get rid of these thoughts. They are part of who you are. You can't get rid of them any easier than you can cut your own arm off. If she is giving you any indication that she feels the same way, you probably need to have a go with her once or twice to get it out of both your systems. If it is just you, well you are gonna have to simply suffer and w*** through it.

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