I c** inside of girls, even if they dont want me to.

I'll put a condom on in the beginning of s**, and make sure that they see me put it on. Then, i'll "accidentally" slip out, remove it, toss it aside subtly, and keep f****** them. When I'm close to o***** i thrust as deeply as possible and c** deep inside of them. I guess i'm shooting it deep enough, because none of them have said anything about it to me. I get off on the fact that they don't know that i'm doing it, and it's against their will.

I don't really care if O get one of them pregnant. I won't pay child support. I'm a lawyer, and i know how to get out of it. Also, I only f*** girls on BC pills, so if they get pregnant, it's because they f***** up their pill schedule, so they deserve it.

Dec 16, 2012

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  • Maybe you'll produce enough offspring in the same town and they'll marry each other and breed. Just think. Your pitiful legacy will be that you created a generation of mentally challenged people. You are so f****** stupid to think you'll have the last laugh. Looking at the age of this post I wonder how many women you're paying child support to and how many nights you've spent in jail with some dude's huge d*** up your ass.

  • But the last laugh is on you. You may THINK you can get out of child support but I'm an attorney too and I know how to be sure you're arrested and thrown in jail. Just wait until Bubba c*** deep in your a******, a******. I hope you f*** many girls with diseases.

  • Bro its not about them..its about you...to keep you safe for AIDS

  • I think that's hot. It feels so much better without a condom anyway. Hey, a girl takes a chance even with a condom. If she's smart, she'll be on birth control before f******. Keep it up.

  • I'm curious, what's your gender?

  • Hm.. is troll a gender?!

  • Op here. Looks like I've offended some folks. I'm sorry, I thought this place was for confessions. Please, go back to confessing that you rescued puppies and helped old ladies put away groceries. I'll be here knowing what the word confession means.

  • Where did you get the idea that confessing meant you were free from judgment? So you're a moron AND an idiot.

  • Oh boo hoo. If you confess something here they expect opinions about it and they won't always agree with or applaud what you do. If people weren't supposed to comment about what's on their minds then there wouldn't be a COMMENT option !

  • Yeah, you're are scumbag.

  • Keep taking the condoms off...maybe you'll get AIDS and DIE like you deserve. Creep.

  • Dude, that's f***** up. I understand if you want to c** inside her, I do too! But if your gonna do that s*** at least have a vasectomy. Don't f*** up a girls life just to get your rock off in her. I got a vasectomy so I could f*** as many women as I want with or without condoms and my wife won't find out.

  • F*** you, f*** all that is you. F*** your beliefs f*** it all. If you're a lawyer id think you wouldn't be so f****** stupid. It takes two to make a baby. Birth control doesn't always work.

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