I like d**** better than hubby

I went to a pleasure party a few weeks ago and my friend gave me this really big d**** as a gag.I took it home and hubby wanted to try it on me we got out a vibrator and he used it on me and I never felt Anything so good in my life when we were done I couldn't tell him it felt so much better than him so I asked for him to c** in me. Any way I was curious and got an even bigger one.the new d**** is amazing after I use the first d**** I put the second one in me and c** so quick and hard and have multiple o****** never before experienced but I feel guilty because I do this every day when I'm alone and that's what I think about all day the d**** is the size of a shampoo bottle so I m really not interested in s** with hubby. All I want is my vib and thisamazing d**** I love bam

Dec 16, 2012

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  • I tried the John holmes d**** and it's my best friend my husband found it and got mad

  • I don't think you should hide this from your Husband.
    You need to share this experience.
    My wife and i use a harness that i wear with her D**** so its still me doing all the work.
    It has a suction cup so she can use it anywhere she wishes and when ever.

    When we first started it was a shock on how hard she orgasmed from it and right away i loved what it did for her.
    Our relationship has changed a bit as now the D**** goes in first and then if she is not too exhausted from it i can go in then.

    I guarantee he will enjoy your response from the toy all you have to do is include him regularly

  • You're a f****** w****, you selfish b****. You don't even care for your husband. Who wants nothing more than to make you happy. And all you can do is think about yourself. You should go hang yourself!

  • My husband brought home toys and I use them when hes not at home nothing wrong with it I also like the bigger ones they feel so good

  • Yes I m married and want to try a bigger one just to nervous to walk up to the counter with it it looks intimidating but I would like to feel it

  • Yes that is the besti have a hitachi wand and with the bam d**** I can c** so many times yes amazing I dont need a man

  • I to also have the bam d**** it is an amazing feeling, my husband uses it on me not that often though and I do use when im alone what he doesny know wont hurt him u shouldnt feel bad

  • RIGHT! let your mechanical friend in your p**** and take hubby in the 'back door' I think you'll FREAK, I know I do.

  • I'm having trouble myself. I love to m********* and look at pictures of my wife's cousins or my cousins and imagine them with my c*** in their p******. But I seem to m********* more than have s** now. I feel a bit guilty, but I'm not sure what to do.

  • What is nice too is that the d**** won't give you any crap or cheat on you. It's a win win. S** on your terms too and when you are in the mood, not some bumbling d******* getting his and leaving you high and dry. If my d**** was a man I'd marry it.

  • Great, all you need to do now is get hubby up your bum. Then you really will c**.

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