I had s** with my cousin

Im twelve and i kinda had s** with my cousin.whenever we had sleepovers we would secretly have it

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  • I started f****** my first cousin and my sister when we we were 12&13, we are in our 30's now and we still get togather and and f*** for a whole week end about once or twice a year.

  • Sounds kool to me. When I was your age me a 3 of my cousins use to have s** lots and lots. We would go out in the woods around their house and strip nude and stay that way for hours hanging out in the woods playing. Things would always turn into us having s**, sometimes just with one, other times with all 3 of them....man I miss those days.

  • First girl I ever felt up was my cousin. We were on a long car trip to their house for the summer. Me, her and two other cousins were all in the back seat, it was night. We had two big blankets to cover up with. She & I curled up in one corner, my other cousins in the other. She was 12 or 13 I was about 10. I had my arm around her waist, just below her t***. I waited a long time then slowly started slipping my hand up to her b******. She pushed me away a couple of times but finally let me slip my hand inside her bra. It was HEAVEN! She had the softest, smoothest skin I had ever touched. I massaged her b****** and squeezed her nipples (which stood up like little cherries), we even kissed. I don't know how long I played with her b******, maybe most of the night. As we got near their house, I slid my hand down her stomach to the top of her pubic area. I could just barely feel the start of her soft fuzzy hair. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and started shaking all over. She squeezed my hand tight, not letting me get any further. She kept squeezing as we pulled in the driveway. As soon as the car stops, she yells " I gotta pee!" and bolts for the house (she was sitting next to the door). After that she would NEVER acknowledge that it happened when we were alone or would have anything to do with me.

  • Can i ask your name

  • I did too im 12 and i relly am and we do it secretly when she sleeps over

  • How do you ask them?!? Just say do you wanna have s** with me!!

  • You nasty! (only people from the early 2000's would know where i got this from)

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