I want a good, hard, out of body F***

I've been with my boyfriend for three years almost and the s** is horrible and lacking. I just want more. I fantasize about getting a good hard fulfilling f*** by any other guy who can actually last and thrust hard (because my bf can't or he'll blow his load.) I've tried patiently for the past three years to teach him to be better. I MOTIVATED him, COACHED him, TAUGHT him s** tips, tricks, ENCOURAGED him to keep trying. I was there for him for THREE YEARS and I tried SO HARD but it is still HORRIBLE. We have s** and he can thrust for maybe 5 seconds and then he stops and goes slow. IT IS DRIVING ME POSITIVELY INSANE.

I don't want to cheat and never have, but you can't say I didn't try!!! He doesn't have a medical condition, the fact is he JUST DOESN'T TRY HARD ENOUGH. He isn't disciplined to hold his load. That makes me sick and has led to me falling out of love for him. I tried so hard for him because I want it to work but he won't try as hard for me.

Is it so wrong to want a good, hard, long, mind-numbing, out of body s** where I am completely spent in the end and am not left still feeling h**** and unfulfilled!!!

Dec 18, 2012

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  • He's obviously very into, and very turned on by you. Dont shake his confidence by berating him. Try having him m********* about an hour or two before hand, then give it a go. At least youve got an eager one.

  • Look I know it's hard for you but I as a male went through the same problems too except I didnt come in 5seconds , I lasted about 1 minute but your right it's not a medical condition I improved by doing more foreplay and using the mind power.your boyfriend should have done it longtime ago as you have been teaching him and being patient with him. The other thing he could try temporary is nasal spray etc.. But he has to control his p**** which is controlled by the mind.. Good luck darling

  • Your going to have to go ahead and set him free. But you should tell him why so he doesnt beat himself up wondering and so he will take it serious enough to do something about it. Its not fair to the rest of us girls to turn him back out on the street to ruin our party either. He should be told about his failures and laziness strongly enough to bruise his ego sufficiently to want to get better. Then go to a s** party and get f***** like no tomorrow for about 3 hours so you can get rid of some stress.

  • Your relationship is over. Time to end it because it's only going to get worse.

  • I second the Cialis or V***** suggestion. If that doesn't work maybe you'd better break up. Sexual incompatability is a killer for the long run.

  • "try" lol

    did it ever go thru your head that maybe he is PHYSIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE of giving good s**? sounds like he has some sort of hormonal or psychological problem, doesn't matter how hard you "try" if you have either of these LOL, either that or you're a s***** teacher

    but no , seriously, give him some cialis, it's cheap, easy, and it'll turn him into a s** god in an instant

    desperate times call for these things, etc.

  • I wanna please you every chance you have. Whats your email?

  • What about hands, those are useful and don't blow loads.

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