All these confessions are bull s***!

I've posted so many confessions on this site, and they're all just lies! What makes you think that all of these confessions are not bull s***!?!

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  • They're quite humorous.

  • Is THIS post BULLSHIT? Do you like to lie and make up stories just to see what kind of reactions you get?

  • Some of these confessions are obvious bullshit. Others seem like a cry for help. The ones that seem genuine I try to offer helpful advice on the assumption there's a flesh and blood human being out there looking for some support.

  • RIGHT!! I've seen ones about this guy who's wife had s** with a transgender. WTF!!

  • I know and the one's where guys bring home (100's) of guys to s**** their wife while they watch...I don't believe it.

  • I can't even find my sad

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