I F*** My Boyfriends Best Friend

I had the most amazing s** with my boyfriends best friend and now I cant stop thinking about him and I want more. Right now he's away on vacation and I find myself thinking about all the freaky s*** I wanna do to him. I do love my boyfriend he just doesn't satisfy me sexually like his friend can. It started about a month ago with him walking in on me dressing (my trusting boyfriend gave him keys to my place to collect something) and since then it escalated to accidental touches till one day he just out right told me. Now he and my boyfriend have been friends for years but I but he was the one who introduced me to my boyfriend because he was dating my friend(they've broken up and don't speak) I know its wrong but I just cant stop i'm just so sexually attracted to him and he can f*** 100 times better than my man, I actually squirted the first time we had s** and my boyfriends d*** has never made me do that, what can I do to i'm just so into f****** him

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  • Your a rat, i hope he finds out and fuking runs a knife down both your faces.

  • You may want to bring up the idea while in bed about introducing a 3rd in your s** life... you would be surprised how many men are into it. BTW, just curious was squirting the best o***** ever? Would love to share some experiences with you.

  • Have fun while it lasts. That's what I'm doing ;-)

  • Is s** everything for you?? surprised....

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