I wanna f*** my uncle

Im attracted to him and idk why. Theres something in him that i find sexy. I know this is wrong but i cant help it. Btw im 16 and hes 37 . Ohmy i feel so dirty for being like this. Maybe its best to just keep my distance from him.

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  • Wait till your old enough then who knows.

  • Wish my niece was that dirty

  • I wanna f**** my uncle too he is hot af .. I'd say that you should go for it .. I mean thats what I will do too

  • Yea

  • Cool, If there's an attraction and he feels the same about you then go for it, My grand daughter and I started with an attraction for each other 6 months ago and now we're f****** each other ever chance we can get, she loves the s** so as long as she enjoys it and it doesn't hurt her I'll keep on satisfying her until the day she wants us to stop, I think if two people want and agree on the same thing then I see nothing wrong with it. it's between you and your uncle nobody else has to know, and no ones opinion should matter but yours and your uncle's.

  • Oh that's really hot. I wish I was that lucky. 😍

  • Thats f***** up sorry but having s** with a family member is messed up

  • Well then go f*** him! what you wanting for girl?

  • Well if you are attracted to him, that is not your fault we can't control who we find attractive so you don't have to feel dirty about yourself but if it bothers you that you have these feeling or desires then maybe you should stay clear of him cause if you ever started f****** him I'm sure you would have so much shame and guilt upon your shoulders for the rest of your life, however if you can learn to deal with having these feeling so that it doesn't bother you in any way and you feel no guilt or shame about your desires for you uncle, then I see no wrong in flirting around with him to see if his desires could be mutual for you. and then you can take it from there!

  • Give the guy a break. UR 16 & h****. Don't s**** up his life. if it ever got out that you s** with him all manner of H*** would fall down on HIM because are so young. Are you a virgin? Is he married? think about that too. You can come right out and tell him. If he is stupid enough to jump you...well it's all on him then. flirting with him just may make you feel good because he is so much older.

  • I wouldn't recommend just going for it, but if he flirts back maybe there's a chance of having some secret fun!

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