I have an attraction to the "ugly ducks".

Remember back in high school when all the guys would go for that popular girl? Heather? Courtney? Kelly? Whatever the h*** her name was..not me. I love the "ugly ducklings"..the girls who unfairly go unnoticed. And I love them for 2 reasons.

1) Compliments and simple kind gestures are accepted by them. When I say that, I mean if I tell her she looks beautiful today she smiles and cherishes a compliment. Heather on the other hand acts like it's f***** required of a guy to compliment the s**** because so many knuckle draggers do it so often..

2) The s** plain and simple..The ducklings are hidden FREAKS and will demolish your ass in bed. The duckling, unlike Courtney, doesn't sling her p**** around on the regular. She keeps it all for that lucky son of a b**** who gets under her skin. And when you get under her skin she turns into that s** goddess you've only heard legends about. She does any and EVERYTHING to keep you satisfied all because you said she has a shirt on today. Oh yea,and she squirts.. Courtney on the other hand, is so used to kicking her legs up you'd think she was trying to stop the ceiling from falling. She lays there like a doll with a blank stare on her face as guys try to figure out what the f*** to do with that turkey sandwich between her legs..

I love those girls that go unnoticed because they are the ones that should be chased after, not walking c** dumpsters. Those ugly ducklings turn into swans whether it's on the inside or outside. Now..where can I find me one..?

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  • I to love the fat ugly ducklings with big greasy a****

  • I'm one of the girls that 'go unnoticed' and I'm glad that someone thinks that we aren't all bad! It's usually all about the sluttier girls -.- so yeah, hope I will become a swan one day lol. Xx

  • Funny I love giving good shags ;)

  • Kinda like f***** the fat chicks. They gobble up c*** like it's a free dessert. And they love a good s***. I should know!

  • I agree witht the first comment we go unoticed abd when we do sometimes/most of the time it isnt good

  • Gosh if only people like you were everywhere :< "Ugly ducklings" like me tend to get so much praise on the internet...But in the real game of life... We are ignored and made at ugly and nothing :(

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