I made a fat girl gag on my c**

I work in an office and one of my colleagues, a 19 year old fat girl, and me recently started talking. Shes been there about 9 months and although we dont work together, I see her around the office everyday.

Anyway, in the lunch room a couple weeks ago, we started talking. This was atrange cause this girl only talks to people out of necessity. She is really shy and socially withdrawn. Turns out she still lives with her parents - who are christians.

I noticed she started taking her lunch break when I have mine and she was starting to make conversation - rather awkwardly though.

At the xmas party last week she came and never talked to anyone really. I felt bad so i started to make conversation with her and encouraged her to have a drink, which she did. She was drinking white wine. Later I said I was going for a smoke and invited her out to join me (as I couldnt stand to watch her standing by herself). She was getting quite drunk on only a few glasses and was going downhill quick. I asked her about her parents and she started crying, saying that she was ashamed of living with them and she started blabbering about hating herslf. She then started saying she was worried I was going to tell everyone that she lived with her mum and dad.

I was getting a bit tipsy myself and I noticed how fat and plump her lips were. I boldly said that I WAS going to tell everyone about her. She started bawling and pleading for me not too. I said that if she kissed my c*** that I wouldnt tell. She seemed shocked but said she would do it if I promised to keep her secret.

We went around the corner behind the big rubbish bin and I pulled out my c***. It was stiff and she wasnt expecting that. She was still whimpering, clearly drunk and inexperienced. I told her that she better kiss it. She hesistantly bent over a gave it a little peck. Expecting it to be over she began to stand up. I stopped her and pushed her back onto her knees. I said that she had to put the head of it into her mouth and give it a little suck. She obediantly put it into her mouth and sucked it gently. Her eyes were wincing as she did so, like she hated the taste. I was loving it. I had beat off for about 2 days and I knew I had a huge load of c** built up in my b****. I told her it was almost over and to just suck it a bit harder. I could feel my seed rise and I put my hand gently on the back of her head and a caressing like fashion. When I couldnt hold back anymore I spurted my hot load into the back of her throat. I held the back of head firmly when she tried to pull away. Load after thick load blasted into her slutty mouth. Her eyes shot wide open and she started gagging on my c**. I pulled her head back and told her forcefully to swallow it down. She gagged and choked on my c** as she tried to swallow it. there was alot. She finally gulped it all down and just stared at me in disbelief. I said that she made me feel really good and that I wouldnt tell her secret.

She went home after that and when I see her at the office she wont look at me or talk to me. When she does glance at me accidently I can see the shame in her eyes.

I dont know if what I did was wrong but it was one of the most satisfying nuts I have ever busted and at least she got a decent load for her first time.


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  • When I said some thing about wanting to be fat and ugly and that things would be just more depressing and miserable in my life and I had to give up my pretty clothes to more deserving people I was sick when I said that so that is how I felt. I was ill. I don't feel this way anymore and I am sick of bayside family church abusing me getting people to repeat words that I said when I was sick, its as sick as ken raping me and what leigh and joyce did. the indian and marori women told me to make it clear to these scum churches and evil people that it no longer applies. they can see I was sick when I said those things I was physically and mentally sick from being stalked and threatened and bullied so I don't need a church to continue the bullying and if they keep doing it I am reporting it to police.

  • Tell her to meet you in the same spot and make her take in a a other load

  • You may have technically raped her so try either stay her friend with benefits or stay well away from her. hopefully she doesnt feel ashamed of living with her parent(who does at 19)and just sees it as a funny story. YOU ARE PRACTICALLY A GOD....GIGIDY GIGIDY GOO

  • If real you are the man. That fat s*** prob rolls her bean thinking about the face f****** and huge load that was blasted into her mouth.

  • Complete Bullshit ... Tell the real story!

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