S** with my mom?

So me and my mom are a hotel because we had to go out of town for something. I'm about to turn 17 and her and my dad split around the time i was born, so she's been single for a while. I've always had fantasies about my mom, i blame the age, but just fantasies. So we both decided to go to the pool and i get to "notice" her better. Once we make it back to the hotel room, i said i was going to take a shower 1st but then she said "Why don't we both take a shower together to finish quicker so we can go eat after?" As bad as my body wanted to, i said that i wouldn't take long. While i was in the shower, thoughts ran through my head. Once i had finished showering, as soon as i got out of the bathroom i notice that she's completely naked on the bed. I can't tell you how fast i got a b****. She gets up from the bed and she said "i'll be right back" and walked in the bathroom. More thoughts kept running through my head. So she finishes showering and we went to go eat. Once we got back, we started watching tv. She changed into some tight sweat pants. And there's only one bed by the way. As we're watching tv, she turned around and told me she loved me and gave me a kiss on the mouth and fell asleep. We're still staying 2 more days, what should i do? I mean i know it's wrong but it's my fantasy and she seems like she wants to?

Jan 2, 2013

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  • You're a sick son of a b**** and should be beat with a phone book you sick f***!!!

  • GO FOR IT!

  • Yolo bro go for it!

  • YOLO bro

  • You are sick, she your mother she gave birth to you, you can't find a girlfriend,you get that out your head to have s** with your mother,

  • So how is the sleeping been in the last day or two that you have been sharing the bed? Did she cuddle with you? sleep closer to you? sleep naked? give us more details so we can gauge what her thinking is. Why did she get a single hotel room as opposed to a double or separate rooms?

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