Paranoid Due to P***

Sneaking p*** over the years led to a paranoia.
Because I cannot trust myself, I no longer trust others.
I am insecure because of how I abused my priviledges in private. If you are reading this and think "I will never" or "so-and-so never will;" take a been-there-done-that's advice: be safer, rather than flirt with curiosity (in regards to p***).

I have found that p*** limits how I look others' in the eyes. They say that "the eyes are the window to the soul." Well, in my case, I am nervous when people make eye contact around the time of the "fix." If a p*** addict uses a traditional screen for viewing the content, then that one has undoubtedly experienced sore eyes, due to long screen exposure (non-addicts know this feeling, too; but the p*** addict spends much more time online, so eyes suffer more).

All in all,
I confess that I am publically pursuing healing and a lifestyle change--for the better.
This confession, regardless of my future, shall help someone else guard against the lures of pornograpghy.

Oh, I should add a huge component to why it is BAD to even start looking at p***. It is a lie. It promises adventure, or a better alternative, or a high to _______ (or something). But it NEVER leaves a person what is promised.

Looking at p*** is like digging in the ground until you are stuck and unable to get out. It takes time, erodes life, and (if you keep at it) it will bury someone in the end. You --or the person trafficked.

I deserve no forgiveness.
But this is my confession.

--PaDuPo (Paranoid Due to P***)

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