Social justice is bullshit.

There's nothing more false that I've seen in my time than the sudden onset of "social justice". Love all blacks, latinas, gays, etc. my ass. It's all just an ego trip for people who believe they're "ahead of their time" for not conforming to "scoiety". I understand if you're the butt of the Great American Joke, but justice does not equal reversal of prejudice. Making everyone who feels a certain way feel inferior defeats the purpose of the word.

Jan 5, 2013

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  • A transphobic black dude and a racist MtF square off in a bar.
    SJWs, who do you cheer for?
    *sits back, starts eating popcorn*

  • And nobody can reply, because their precious gluten free little brain cells have fused together. Good, at least they are finally silent for a change!!!

  • THANK YOU! So true...

  • I'm surprised this hasn't started an all out rage war in the comments.

    At least I'm FIRST.

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