Obsessed about s**

I am a 17 year old male (18 in 2013) and I fantasize about s** almost every day. I could be sat in lesson focused on a test when all off a sudden, I stop working and can feel myself growing and wanting to f*** someone. The worst part is, I've never f***** anyone so these desires become deeper and I need help. I can't keep going in lessons and at work thinking about s** constantly. Help in the form of a nice f*** would help release it all.

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  • Im 16 and i weirdly get h**** when i leave a room. i dont know why im just weird or maybe its a teenage thing?

  • Look as U say yor only 17 going on 18 my sujestion is this,.... forget about S** and get your lesson over first OK as U have your whole life ahead of U, and U san do all the f****** U want, providing U find the right Girl of course, and there's plenty of "them" around, "them"being like U over sexed and ready to take any c***, BUT, just beware DON'T get caught,ie, getting her in the "family way" OK, is thsi good advice or not...so if U are so frustrated go and have a good 'W***' that will keep U at bay till U find a really nice girl.
    I hope U get the message, DUDE....

  • Not weird at all I'm younger and a girl and all I ever think about is getting f***** really hard can't help it. It's a teenage thing.

  • I do the same thing man. don't worry your not alone. I'm right there with you. And im 17 to.

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