You stuck up pretentious b****..

I have this group of friends that I hang with in college. There's this one girl in the group who is prissy, stuck up, and I can't stand her ass. She does good deeds but wants to be recognized for them and here's an example. Me, her and a mutual friend were eating lunch one day and she starts talking about how it would be nice to volunteer in Africa with those unfortunate. I thought to myself, "That actually sounds like a very kind and selfless thing of you." She then goes on to talk about how it's only right that someone as privileged as her needs to help the, and I quote, "dirty, uneducated, uncivilized people who still have to hunt for their food."

Not including the fact that I am african american and half nigerian, but I'm f***** furious at this b****! She has clearly been watching too much T.V. and has no clue about what it's like in africa. Not saying that I do but I talk to relatives over the phone and over the internet who live in towns that have running water, in-door plumbing, and electricity. What's the word to describe ignorant people like that? She doesn't want to help because it's the right thing to do, she wants to help so she can be acknowledged for it despite her clearly ignorant views. UGH...I can't help but fantasize about her being attacked by a hyena during a safari lol...

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  • The chick you describe is nothing more than a SJW who isn't good at PR. They all think exactly like that, but more often tend to default to condescension and infantilization of the group/s they claim to "care" about. OP and the rest of yall are hating on this clueless b**** only because she didn't use the right buzzwords!

  • Just like Native Americas too you dumb f***.. us natives do actually got running water, but white b****** don't give a f***, we were here first. I honestly hate white basturds, I just wanna rip their head off. White b****** are trying to take ours rights to f***, and that's all we've got. F*** YOU WHITE PEOPLE

  • A***?

  • I am an African with several advanced degrees from American Universities.I have met many people who think and act like the woman you are describing.But the real nature of things is that even businesses that donate during disasters or for news worthy causes attach their names to the donation.They want recognition and some use that as a tax deduction!
    It seems to that she needs to make the trip to get first hand education.You may not be able to school her to change her views;reality will. Any help the poor around the world receive is highly appreciated.

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