So how do you make yourself have an o***** and none of that psycho babble "relax and get to know you're body" bullshit, I haven't actually had a real o***** and I'm 15, been masturbating for years! I get little almost ones whenever I do but I always have to be thinking about really rough stuff. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO MAKE MYSELF HAVE ONE!?!?!?!

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  • I was doing a 17 year old chubby girl who couldn't have o******. She also hadn't developed b**** yet, but did have the outline of fully developed nipples which were quite sensitive. She did love the feelings she got while having s** and eagerly engaged in it, but no o******. I can only assume as she gets older and more physically developed, the o***** will eventually come.

  • She had o****** from all the black guys she let in her panties. You're just a needle d***; that's why she couldn't o***** with you. Hope this helps.

  • Find your c*** and focus on rubbing that. If you can't get off rubbing your c*** you may require something inside your p****. Try the end of your hairbrush or something going in and out. Maybe do that while rubbing your c***.

    The easiest way would be to buy a vibrating toothbrush or a vibrator if you can get one. The toothbrush may go to fast so you need something in between it and your c*** to dampen the vibrations.

    That should work though.

  • Assuming you are a girl, boys usually have no problem. Sounds like you are trying to 'force' it.

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