F*** the friend zone.

So i asked this girl out at work awhile back and she rejected me but lets be friends i was cool with that i move i dont even let it phase me so about two weeks later she starts talking to she initiates the conversation saying how she just got her own place and was having problems at home and stuff so i think maybe thats why she turned me down and now i have a shot we talk for a good while the next day she again initiates a conversation with me now she talking about how this guy is she like how good a body he has and when the firemen come into the store it turns her on im just like wow are you trying to get me jealous or are you just being a b**** or are you completely oblivious to peoples feelings the whole time she talked i had to bite my tounge so i didnt tell her shut the h*** up i guess to avoid this i shoulda just told her no lets not be friends we werent friends before you turned me down so why would we now so guys women dont want friends just someone to keep around like a pet but what women do want is the j*** that treats em like s*** then after when that guy s all done using her up you can have sloppy seconds umm thanks but ima have to pass and say f*** that im good and no im not one of those guys who just dseires s** i want a relationship but since thats not happenig i will take s** so when a women turns you down and says lets be friends just say lets just not be friends

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  • Look dude, just say the h*** with women and go j*** off to kiddy p*** like I do.

  • Did u try saying all of that in one breath or somethin? Periods are your best friend..

  • Not one breath just one thought why waste my breath when i can simply type it.

  • Not that i cant do it i just dont want to you dam grammer n*** lol

  • Just sayin'...if you want to be taken seriously...then act seriously... Do you approach all women with "I can do it, I just don't feel like it" ? Apathy and indifference aren't going to get you out of the friend zone.

  • No i actually aproched with the mind set i can get her and want to get her. When i asked her out, then she said no..... well she didnt say no she said i dont know. After that i would just say hi and bye to her, now shes the one talking to me.

  • You can spell oblivious but yet you can't punctuate sentences properly for f****** anything?? No wonder you can't move past the friend zone.

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