Should I watch p***?

I've never watched p*** before but i really want to try it. I'm a girl and about to turn 14 in a couple of months, so is it okay to watch p***? And what if my parents find out?

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  • If you want to, then go for it. I'd been watching p*** since I was 14.
    If you're worried about your parents catching you, tell them to knock before they open your door (if they don't already) and use the excuse that you're older and you just would appreciate more privacy or something like that. It somehow worked with my parents who never seemed to give me privacy before.
    Also, always keep another tab open in case you need to switch to it quickly. Or keep two windows open and the other window should have totally innocent stuff on it, and you should keep your mouse hovering over the "x" button at the top. Also, if you're listening to p***, make sure it's quiet enough so that you can hear if your parents are coming towards your room.

  • Your turn 14 TEEN, yet your mom and dad would be mad at you would be watching p***, really do you want to have s** get pregnant, just think no school, you can go out with your friends, your home taking care of your baby, your ex-boyfriend that you had child with, he gone not in your life no more in the baby life, think what I just wrote you!' I was 14teen got pregnant, I was a mother at 15 teen, yes my mom and dad showed me the basics how to give my baby her bath, fixed a formula for her milk. I had it all to do, oh my boyfriend he don't come around anymore, no he don't won't called daddy, I got my I school diploma,now im going to college, my little girl she five years old now, really i think you go out and have fun with your friend wait until your older, see what you really want to do in your life, hope you make a good decision what you want to do, stay in school go to college,

  • Im a boy and i started watching p*** when i started to stay home alone at the end of 5th grade, which some people think is really early and i agree, but im in 9th grade now and my parents dont have the slightest hint that i watch p***. they grew up in a foreign country so they dont assume i do things like drink, go to parties, or watch p***.

  • If you want to watch it go ahead there is nothing wrong with it, to some degree it is educational, it would be a good experience for you to watch it and learn a little sexual play to see what you would feel comfortable with when the time comes for you to actually have sexual relations but if you don't feel good about watching it then don't even start because you don't want to live your teen years feeling guilty about it. self masturbation and s** with another is the most beautiful thing male and female can share between themselves so don't let anyone make you believe that it is nasty or's all normal and natrual.

  • I watch p*** at night time i only have a mom and she never comes in my room so i turn it off before i go to bed and finger myself to sleep i dont wear anything to sleep so i wake up wet

  • Seems legit. Masturbation can get so addicting, though...

  • Wait a little while

  • Your 14 teen, stop watching that p***, don't have s** until you're 18 or 21 in the state you live in, first thing the p*** star they get pay good money to perform in s** film.... Do you want to raise a baby at 14 or 15 or 16 or 17teen that's what happened to the teenagers today, you won't finish school because you will have a baby to raise ,all states do have programs to help teenage moms but there's a limit on drawn on these programs, your young have fun with your friends and say no to s**, there is a lot of sexual diseases out there, ask your parents about watching p*** s** on TV they would say no, you're too young,

  • Just saying, just watching p*** doesn't make you pregant

  • I'm a guy so I cannot offer much advise to you but I started watching p*** at around your age.

  • Don't do it! It's bad and it illegal for people your age! And you can get in trouble.

  • Don't do it! It's bad! It's illegal for people your age and you can get grounded!

  • I watched a p*** movie the first time when i was ur age but with my dad! he was like telling me how to do stuff to a guy and about safe s** and masturbation and all that. my mom would have freaked out but i thought it was so cool.

  • I just hope it wasn't hands-on...

  • Yes go for it, watch p*** and rub yourself while you do it. it can help you figure out what really turns you on.

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