I f***** my Best Friend's Boyfriend...

My best friend has been dating this guy for almost two years. He seemed like the perfect boyfriend until the relationship began to get rocky. After a year of dating they decided to take a break. One night at a party, after my best friend left, heasked me to come smoke with him in another room in the house. I am always down for a smoke session so I met him. As soon as I got in the room, his intentions changed. He told me he had always wanted me and that I was so damn sexy. I am not going to lie. He was turning me on and he is pretty damn cute. I knew I couldn't do this though so I began to walk away. He grabbed my waste and whispered in my ear, "I know you want it." I was pretty drunk and high and even though I knew it was wrong I wanted it. BAD. As he began kissing my neck and rubbing my p**** through my jeans, I couldn't hold back any longer. Turning around and making out with him, we started undressing each other. He pushed me up against the wall, grabbing my jaw a said "I knew you were a dirty girl." I was so turned on. I got down on my knees and started deep throating his c***. Then he started f****** my face. I was so turned on even though I couldnt breathe. He asked if he could c** on my face...I think I fufilled his fantasy by saying yes. I did not wanna be done. I layed on the ground and started fingering myself and said "round two?" He was definitely down. I fingered myself and moaned as he stood there rubbing his c***. He climbed on top of me and said I don't think you are ready. I wasn't. He began f****** the h*** out of me. I couldn't handle it. I came 3 different times. Lasting forever, I began to wonder if he would ever c**. I told him that I've never had a guy last this long and that I loved it. He said I won't stop until you scream. I have never been f***** like that before. I couldn't hold back any longer...Screaming and moaning we both came at the same time. I had never had a guy c** in me and it never felt so good. I layed there legs wide open as his c** dripped out of me. He took out his phone and asked if he could take a video and I agreed. I have never had s** that great ever. Over the last year we have been hooking up every now and then even though him girlfriend is my best friend. I feel awful but it is so f****** good. I don't know what to do sometimes because it is awkward when all three of us are together. He tells me he watches the video whenever he gets h****. It turns me on and I want him all the time. Sometimes I want to tell her what we did but I know it would ruin things. I am just so jealous that she can have s** with him whenever she wants to. I know this sounds awful...

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  • Happened to me but sadly his girlfriend found out.. last sunday .. and he wanted to be friends with benefits but I said yes.. his girlfriend found out by looking through my phone ehh bad idea. DO NoT EVERRR LEAVE YOUR PHONE LAYING AROUND

  • Theres always a s*** like u to take the left overs

  • Holy f***. I'm jealous of you.

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