I love to eat p****, but my wife just isn't that into it.

I think she is over sensitive and comes too quickly, so she prefers to get f*****. I have to settle for licking her through her panties or yoga pants, which I kind of like.
Sometimes when we are drunk she is down for the longer oral sessions. All of my previous lovers have enjoyed oral immensely.

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  • I am like you, I always thought if I went down on a girl, she would love to be licked but once I married, my wife just could not relax and enjoy the thing I was doing. I tried many time but she never climaxed. I finally gave up but I always made sure she had several o****** before I entered her, she never complained.

  • Omg, I am jealous. My hubby had lost his libido and I am in soooo much need of a good lick!

  • Id love to lick u hun.... nickjay1980@gmail.com

  • Only met one in my life who didn't her p**** licked. She was 18 and I was the first one she ever allowed to lay a tongue on it, just once, and how sweet it was. Never would answer me as to why she didn't want that done. Other than that, she gave me her first BJ and loved doing it each time thereafter when we had s**.

  • Eating p**** is kind of a turn on and turn off.for some people.licking a v***** is good if the v***** is clean.but if the v***** smell's.it is a big turnoff.just make her give you a b******.

  • That makes no sense

  • I had the same problem with my wife - until a few months ago.

    That's when I made it clear that I really liked it and that I wasn't expecting her to blow me in return. It helped that she was a bit drink so she was a little more relaxed.

    I went down on her and she went crazy.

    Not something we'll do all the time, but she's back to enjoying it. She's now even into my tongue licking her a*** on a southbound lick.

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