So I have this friend who is a Korean. She's a lot shorter than me. So we were walking down the street. As usual she would share things about her and her ex. It does get annoying some times. Anyway, we are just friends. It was pretty hot so she took off her sweater. She was wearing a tank top and I could see her nipple from the top. It is my first time. I dunno, it seemed that she was wearing a bra much bigger than her b******. Anyway it was pretty obvious. I just kept quiet as I didn't know how to bring it up to her. What should I have done ? Btw I'm a guy.

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  • Hunched over taking off a sweater changes the way the bra is situated. And maybe she got it a little large to allow her to grow a little before needing a new one. if your sure this isn't the case, and you think it would help her then tell her that you don't know a lot about such things, but you think that it doesn't seem to fit quite right and she may actually flash someone by accident.
    Depending on her sense of humor, you could thank her for the show.

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