It sucks to be the second choice

When we first met he was nice and funny, everything seemed so uncomplicated with him, but boy was I wrong..

After going on a few dates I found out about..her.

They had been friends since Kindergarten, gone to school together, and she was apparently into everything he was into, and had a bad reputation in town for being easy, he'd answer her calls and texts in the middle of our dates, drive her around down, and he even mentioned to me that she had said something about them getting an apartment together. How could I compete with her? She was so.."cool" and I'm so boring. He claimed they'd never do anything but I know that its probably because she friendzoned him, that look in his eyes when she talked to him, the way his family liked her a lot better than me. He'll deny this to his grave but I know I'm right.

When I brought all this to his attention he said he'd cut contact with her, and that he felt horrible about the disrespectfulness even though he denied the aforementioned friendzoning.

Its been over two years since they've had contact with eachother, and I'm still hurt, I hate the idea of being second choice, like he wasn't good enough for the girl he really wanted, so he settled for me.

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  • I know how you feel, but he married you okay, he in your life as number one, does he say that he love you, Stop feeling sorry for you self, plan a weekend togather, he pick you not her, so.. You must be number one in his life... Go out and do THING togather... Okay,

  • I think it's really sad that even after two years you can't release your insecurities. You weren't second choice if he cut ties with her. He put you first. Instead of dwelling on the past why don't you try appreciating what he did and move on. It's not her fault nor is it his fault that they were friends before you guys met... the least you could do is be grateful that he was willing to alter his life in order to accommodate you.

  • Oh wow. Sounds depressing. I feel for you.

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