I need s** from my wife, from anyone.

I've been married for nearly 15 years and my wife just doesn't have any desire. I am deeply in love with her, but the lack of physical attraction/attention drives me insane. I wish I could have an affair to fulfill those needs, but I'm not sure I could even do that, because I love her so, and I don't want to violate that trust with her.
Some have suggested that I am weak because, "a" I don't leave her or "b" I some how don't do enough to get her turned on. I can assure you this isn't case, while I will concede to an extent their is a lot of learned behavior patterns that has compounded the issue, but at heart we have different levels of desire and while I can't imagine my life without her, I also can't continue to feel like this.
I need s**, good s**, interactive s**, the kind where there is equal desire from both parties and mutual satisfaction is the goal.

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  • Has your wife talked about her lack of s** drive with her doctor? My wife and I had the same issue. It had gotten so bad and we had s** so infrequently that I was considering a separation because we were both miserable.
    She talked to her ob/gyn and he diagnosed that her hormone levels were out of whack and she was prescribed an estrogen spray. A few weeks later I wake up to her jerking me off and telling me that she wanted me to go down on her.
    We still have challenges with our s** life because of other obligations, but at least now she's trying to make an effort.

  • Im in a similar situation. My husband and i have not been intimate in 7 years. I love him, but its just been too long and it feels like its an obstacle thats just too huge to over come.
    I did end up having an affair with a man whi was also in a sexless marriage. it was wonderful - neither of us wanted to leave our marriages, so it felt safe. it lasted 2 years until he moved to another state

  • I do this with a man who who is married but sep. she refused. I have been married but did not work out and i wanted some good s**. We fulfill a need. Hope you find someone. Most men are very sexual and women who are not able to provide this unless they are medical unable to are foolish.

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