S******* 4 men

I have had this ehem problem with men not leaving me alone since i was younger. I even hide and do not list my no. but recently several ex found me all in a year. Flattering but then i shocked them when i said i wanted nothing more than s**. None know i do the other. All are mature men and no diseases. Good jobs but I thought wow. So i see one then another. I love to please them and the playing we do and i am treated to a nice time on top of the s**. So, men my question to you is this, they can date and marry anyone they want so why do some of you men like to go back to an ex or two?

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  • I think guys like going back to an ex because they know what to expect when they have s** with you, plus if you are willing to give it up, why wouldn't they try to go back to you if they can continue getting a guarantee lay

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