Scandal in the Church

As a pastor's kid, I haven't done anything, but have always wanted to. I've secrectly watched p***, masturbated anyway I could, and love to have day dreams. I am now a 19 year old freshman in college and started going to a new church. Our worship leader heard me singing and they put me on the worship team on stage with the huge band camera and lights. Our base player I have always found super sexy is married, with 3 young children, and is 30. He just got my number and texted me yesterday and confessed to me that he thinks I am drop dead gorgeous and he wishes he could kiss me. If I ever got the chance, I would totally deep throat his c*** dry and let him do what he wants. What do I do now???

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  • Wow you sound like my dream girl lol...I have thoughts like that all the time and i try to forget them but they always creep up...i just think we are s** addicts lol. and yes i am a pastors son too in little old New Zealand. if you meed to talk hit me up, but if we are the same probly not the best idea as it will get dirty fast.

  • Wow, you sound the same for me. . .well, I would like to talk if you ever wanted to. I don't mind going south for a little while. . .

  • Although, we are no where near each other, I would love to chat with you. You might be one of the few that I can actually relate too. shoot me an email!

  • Hey y'all! Just letting y'all know that I created a screenname now, so I am the one who posted this. . . .I need help!!! I wanna do him soooo badly. Is it awful that I sit in church next to him and imagine myself riding him and bouncing off his muscular thighss???!?!?!

  • Dam, that sounds f****** hot, i was at a wedding this weekend and i noticed a lot of chicks that i would want to do that with

  • Oh, it is. . .so why didn't you tap that at the wedding then???

  • Kinda hard to tap anything with the wife next to me, if i had gone alone to the wedding, im sure i would have got some

  • Ahhhh, I understand. . .do you not get satisfied from you wife anymore???

  • Not really, thats why i hook up with co-workers and have some sexy chat online

  • Hey y'all! it's me again. Here is an Update: just found out his wife is expecting their fourth child and now at rehearsals he keeps finding ways to touch me, have his hand sweep my butt, act like he accidentally reaches across me to swipe his hand over my chest, rubs my thigh while we are sitting, whispers in my ear as we walk onto stage, and keeps winking at me and watching me. He's so destracting and so tempting. . . .I need help!!!

  • Hey y'all! It's me again. Just created a screenname so this is all easier. . .I just really need to make up my mind. Is it bad that I want him sooooo badly??? That when we sit next to each other in church I look at his lap and imagine myself bouncin' on his muscular thighs and his hands al over me?? Ohhh I bet it would feel soo good!

  • Trouble.if he has kids its just not worth it .

  • Don't be a w****. that's a married man with children. You want to destroy those kid's family? He's an unworthy b****** if he's talking to you like that.

  • U can make try safe s** or just lusty foreplay. but do let us know.

  • Go for it. Include his wife too, if she's interested. Have a great time.

  • The Romans had the right in the lions!

  • What would Jesus do?

  • I just made an email for us to talk..

  • And I just sent you an email to talk with as well. check your email asap.

  • Well this is a forum, i can't "show" you here... lol elsewhere?

  • I would love that. . .and how do you plan on showing me?

  • I grew up in the catholic church, had urges with sexy catholic women all the time. let me know if he dosen't work out for you

  • Well, I can't guarantee that he will. . . .I would love for you to show me your experience. . . .

  • Would you let him f*** you in your dirty little christian ass?

  • Well. . . .my ass isn't dirty, but maybe. I would definately let him c** deep inside of me so i can feel him pulsing.


  • Go for it!

  • One of my best s** was literally with the preacher's daughter.
    she was so h**** but frustrated by her religion teachings

  • I'm not frustrated by my religious beliefs, but I am INSANELY h****. . . . .

  • I feel exactly the same way. pastor's son, insanely h**** all the time. I just got a non-christian gf and I f*** her so often, I think my parents have been suspecting something but they don't say anything. I get home at 4 am and sleep in and then the next evening go to her house to f*** again. It is incredible, and I don't feel bad at all... just, fulfilled. I really want to go down on her again and make her feel as amazing as she makes me feel.

  • I would like to hear more about how insanely h**** you are

  • To whoever posted this. And to the one who commented that this is "reality" YEAH. This is reality: to this "WORLD" not to Christians like you. And I also believed that you were "just" a church goer. Because the thing is, if you really have a personal relationship with Jesus, first, you should have surrendered your sexual issues to God and asked help from GENUINE, GODLY PEOPLE. Second, you shoould have not allowed yourself to be sexually interested on a MARRIED PERSON. The fact that he texted you and said that he likes you is just a proof that He is of this world and not of Christ.

  • Which truthfully, makes me question myself and it scares me and upsets me because I thought I was better than that.

  • As long as people get h****, things happen. When 22, I was f*cking the church music director. She was 31, divorced, incredibly h**** and did she ever love to f*ck. Our first s** was one night in a back storage room in the church. After that, she'd come to my apartment to give me my treats while her mom watched the kids. Wow, could missy prissy goody, goody talk dirty during s**. Everyone needs sexual release INCLUDING church-going folk. Like it or not, that's the reality of things.

    I would urge caution. Some of the church members may be doing far worse but will soundly condemn you for what you do.

  • Your upbringing may be hard to escape when you are able to look at the bigger picture and figure out what you want vs what you need, what's right and what's wrong. And please note..nothing is wrong with fantasizing or masturbating. Just that guy is married..if he wasn't, then deep throat away. But fantasy and reality are very different. And if you are looking for more, you may end up being really hurt and disappointed. Just something to consider..

  • Thank you for that. I appreciate the great advice. Really I do. You thought about it and now you are having me realize that I know what is right.

  • If you got no problem that hes married and it looks like its not a problem for him either, i say go for it and enjoy it as much as you can

  • Honestly, I really don't think I do, as bad as that sounds. I had a fantastic dream about it last night and it's all I've been thinking about throughout all of my classes today.

  • Well if it does not bother you then, go ahead and do it, give us details later

  • Oh, I would love to!! But, how?????

  • Dam, i cant wait to hear more, i hope you hook up with this guy and give us the details, this story sounds hot

  • Well you said you text the guy and he said he wants to kiss you, tell him that you want to do the same thing, or more. if you are afraid of saying it in person, just text him and i bet you two can find the time to be alone together

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