Size of my p****

Hi I am 14 years old and my p**** is about 7 inches long, i just wanted to know if this is average for my age.

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  • Yeah right. a teenager who would rather "ask a question" than google that s h i t. OP is a bored drama queen pretending to be a boy.

  • You know this is a confession website, a place to let your secrets free and share them anonymously.

    You could've just googled the average.

  • This smells like bullshit.

  • The average is somewhere around 6.5 so congrats.

  • Size doesn't matter

  • I baby sat for a family near here last month and their 13 year old adopted son has a 8 inch c***. I couldn't believe it but the ruler came out and sure enough it was a full 8 inches and quite thick to. I kidded him about lying about his age but he is what he said he was 13 years but 14 in November then he started in teasing me and before long he took me into his room and f***** me good, god did he ever.

  • Lolwut

  • Life is not fair. How come you have so much and I have so little/

  • You need to be off this web cite! Also no one cares about your d***!

  • I was like you, and a little unsure about what was "average." You said about 7" long, but not if that was soft or erect. I am assuming that you meant erect. I always had what I thought was a fairly large p**** compared to quite a few guys, and was a little self-conscious about that. Then one day I had the chance to see a boy that I knew from school. We were not Gay, but we decided that it would feel good to j*******. I was shocked when I saw his erection. It was a full foot long and absolutely huge. This was something that he was quite embarrassed about and alwasy tried to hide. Well, with our being friendly enough to m********* together, he began to feel a lot better about showing off what he had. It was like good p**** theropy, and we enjoyed doing that together for several years.

  • Average is about six inches ... give or take. Average is whatever you have. That is average for you. When I was your age, I was always embarrassed because my d*** was eight inches long. Lots of times I would go skinny dipping with some guy friends, and we would always get an erection, and I had the biggest one. Yet, I everyone was always admiring at seeing my erection, and I felt quite proud.

  • Mines the same. i think it's normal

  • Dude, if you really have 7" at 14, i would guess you going to have a monster at 20. At 14, I had a friend, same age, who had 7". We used to compare and no, we aren't gay. At 19, he had a very thick 10". Mine only reached a max of 7", not bad but no 10 incher like his. Yes, I do have p**** envy. I'd love to see the look on a woman's face when he inserts that, or how many of the younger, tight ones can take that much without physical pain. lol

  • According to Wikipedia, the average erect human p**** is approximately 5.1 ā€“ 5.9 inches in length. I'm an adult male with a 5-incher so you are doing great with a 7-incher at age 14.

  • That is well below average not only for someone your age but for men on general...most penises are anywhere from 9-13 inches long with the average being around 10.5-11 inches.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have a small d***, son. The pain and humiliation from sporting a micro-p**** gets easier with time from what I'm told.

  • I wish my boyfriend had 7 inches...and I'm 25, if that answers your question,

  • Gee Mate, get a grip,HOW DO u WANT 7INCHES if it on the slack is b***** great, you should start to "suck yourself off" called "Autofelatio" go go for it...

  • Damn thats huge. I'm older and wish I had 7".

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