Why do i love s** with older men

I like have s** with older men. Not like 2 or 3 years older but like 15 or 20 years older then me. I just turned 18, but ive been having s** with a 42 year old since i was 16. I told my friend and she thinks it has something to do with daddy issues but i dont have any. I just love feeling an older man inside me.

Jan 29, 2013

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  • Any one from ny ? message me on insta: xwolverinex69

  • I'm 19 and I want to f*** and older man in in hemet California

  • I'm 15 and I fantasize about doing it with an older guy. Itswmy fetish I guess#

  • Are u willing to make the fantasy into a reality?

  • I'm 18 and I prefer men in their late 20s-early 40s. Im glad I'm not the only one

  • And I have a close relationship with my dad, so I don't know if daddy issues have much to do with it-- although I know girls with daddy issues who like older guys

  • My dad took my virginity when I was 9. I'm your age now, and we do it 3 or 4 times a week. Mummy doesn't mind as she is getting it from my younger brothers.

  • Really

  • That's f***** up

  • I am daddys w****, he shags me and makes me suck his mates off, ihave shagged my uncle and regularly let old men c** inside me daddy wants to get me pregnant,i hope he suceeds and gives me lots of kids.

  • I would love to s*** you ! Are u up for a three some ?

  • I myself am 30 and still in prime but I must confess, I'd love to have a girlfriend who like to have s** with older men and I can watch her and maybe join in, maybe roll play. I think girls with fetishes whatever they may be are usually more intelligent, open minded, caring, and it's healthy as a man to be understanding of them.

  • Where are you from?

  • As an older man let me say, we bring more to the table. First, we are there more for the journey than to c**. To lay in bed with a young woman and touch, caress and massage her until she is begging is very exciting.

    I think younger guys should concentrate on older women and get an education.

    Yes, some of my lovers have Daddy issues, but most don't. They are just smart young women who want to experience life with a more experienced teacher.

  • Where can I find these girls sir ?

  • No worries chica. Enjoy it!! I'm 19 and have been dreaming for an older man who will just take control, ya know?? They have more experience, know more, and they are bigger in everyway. Sometimes even more forceful. I bet they feel amazing. Wish I got offers from men like you do. You go baby girl.

  • I will gladly help you in your fantasy ! If you want to make this a reality, let me know !

  • I don't know about the bigger part. I'm just 8" hard.The real thing is knowing what to do with it. I don't mean just penetration.Knowing through experience that it's about her pleasure. Her's because when the beautiful creature you are lavishing attention to gets what she is craving you're going to get your's in spades. Younger guys don't get that a simple o***** isn't s***. If he brought you to the edge for hours then did whatever it took to keep you there for a couple more, now we're talking.


  • I know a 55 yo in Nashville that would love to talk sexy girl.

  • Will your dream has come true I am your older man all you have to do is call me 609-579-2488 my name is Rich I'm waiting on you sweetheart let's make your fantasy come true and mine too

  • Mmmm you sound like my kind of young lady, I'm 52 years but feel 20 years younger would love to get with someonr like you! I'm in Arizona where are you from?

  • Hello.sir, I, too, am in Arizona and wondered if there are girls like this out there. Have you encountered any ?

  • I love men over 50 years old. Wanna meet?

  • Where you from???

  • I am in my 40s, but would love to meet you ! Let me know !

  • Were you

  • Yes, I would love to meet. Im a good looking WPM, 55, in shape and would love ro turn you on. So sexy. You won't be disappointed baby

  • I am 20 years older than my kids mom.She is only a few years older than my older kids.She was using me for s** and other things while lying to me that she loves me.She thought she will never get pregnant. She ended up pregnant by me twice.She calls me an old man,grandpa and whatever else she can imagine.I took her to court and we have joint custody of those kids.She hates me more for that too! I have always enjoyed women of any legal age.Younger ones gravitate towards me more and I never say no:)

  • I'm masturbating, pretending I'm with you, Sweetie. Wish it was real. I'm a long way away from you though :(.

  • I am a male but love older women. I was 32 at work and had a fun relationship with a 64 year old woman who seemed like a 16 year old. She was beautiful and we flirted all the time. I wish we could have gotten into bed sometimes. It's not at all unhealthy. I also had a Slovak girl 15 years my junior I was in love with and we were fingering each other a lot. I'm 46 and would love to have s** with YOU, too. If you're into older men. I also always love what the woman wants. I'm not selfish in bed :). I know a girl who is 10 years younger than I am and she thinks she is too young for me, but I've told her she is the most beautiful thing in the world I've ever seen. We'll see how this works out.

  • I think pursuing (safely) a person or situation that turns you on is completely healthy. Personally, I too love older men and find them incredibly attractive for many reasons do what you like and enjoy.

  • Where from young Lady?

  • An older man's stiff b**** does feel better inside a slippery wet p****...make it twitch and shiver then c** and squirt sweet p**** juice all over it...bath time for b****!

  • I want to meet new older guys. Im bored with the ones ive been having s** with. I just turned 18 and love that noone can get n trouble for f****** me

  • Are you located in Arizona ? Just curious !

  • Well babe just let me know how we can meet and I'll let you have what ever you want. G

  • Do you have facebook?

  • What is your facebook name, i love older males im 15. i live in north wales

  • Ghergest80@gmail.co.uk on hangout

  • S***, i hope i get to meet you so we can not get in trouble for f******

  • I love how your mind works

  • S***. F*** that s***. What b**** goes up to some man who could be you f***** dad for f*** sake and you go and have s***** s** with him. F*** you. So p*** taking. ADVICE
    1) Go to the doctor.
    2) No matter what they f****** say TURN NORMAL
    Please have consideration for others when commenting. -- F*** NO!!! :P

  • Aint gettin any there skippy?

  • Damn you're pretty f***** up about this young girl liking older men huh? but thats her own preference and if it doesn't bother her then why should it bother you? anyway so if you don't like young people f****** older people thats cool but don't be telling them who they should f*** or to turn normal because they are already normal! you're the one who is thinking abnormal....

  • I'm 39. You're 18. It's legal. I'm in.

  • Where do you live?

  • Uk and i am 80

  • We like you.we are young couple.we like 3 som with like you age

  • South New Mexico

  • NYC area, u?

  • I'm 19 Year Old Female In The NYC Area

  • Are u still in NYC ?

  • NYC

  • New Mexico

  • You ever in southern california, look me up

  • Spring break maybe :]

  • I will be on the lookout

  • Where do i sign up?

  • You sighn up where my virgin p**** needs you. I'm tired of being a virgin

  • Where you from?

  • Well sweetie, I can help you lose your virginity ! Let me know if you still want to do this !

  • Also Young lady I love when my p**** is right in and squirming around in female c** and my c** and then see the over load come out and run over your a***[bum hole] Does that sound pretty sexy??? even though I'm 60 I still have s*** loads of c** ready for a nice young p**** like yours...

  • Wished I knew where the person who made this comment was. Well... I'm going to be 20 soon and still a virgin. So what do ya say? Still ggamed even though I no longer 18?

  • I am game ! Let's do this !

  • How about an 18 year old virgin p**** like mine?

  • Let's do this !

  • How can I get a hold of you ???

  • I'm 53 fit and have an 8 inch c?&k that I would love to share with your 18 year old p****. Only problem is I live in Australia.

  • Im 22 female 4'11" with a tiny p**** i would love your old c*** in my ass??

  • I want to put it in your ass ! I love a submissive eager girl ! You will be satisfied!

  • Hi. I would love to meet and please you. I'm a good looking WPM, 55, in shape and love submissive young girls- legal of course. Where are you located? I would come to you. And never disappointed. So sexy

  • I'm from Macleod in Melbourne. 18, 12DD bra and fit. Virgin and like older men.

  • It sounds sexy to me :]

  • Im not old but loves s**

  • Hey I'm 60 is that ok and I love f******..love c****** in juicy fannies,that are nice and young....

  • We are young couple.we need for 3 som with you.

  • Mmm you can have my p**** I'm so wet it's all over me

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