Is he expecting s**?? Advice please!!!

I've always been very socially akward, I know I should know more about human relatioships, I'm just starting to shape a social circle, so I'm new to relatioship issues.

I've only had one boyfriend, he used to share my conservative views regarding premarital s**, (I'm a virgin and I'm planning to wait until marriage). We broke up a over a year ago.

I've started going on "dates" with a guy from uni who DOESN'T share my views, we started going on these dates in november. I don't consider it dating because we're not officially anyhting more than just friends, we hug and cuddle sometimes, but there's no kissing (he kisses me on the forehead sometimes, and on the cheek, but that doesn't count). We've gone on aproximately 10 dates and I slept over at his place two times (because it was too late for me to go back home by myself).

My questions are:

Is he expecting s**?? as I have mentioned before, he does NOT share my views, and he doens't know I want to wait until marriage.

On average, how many dates do people have before having s** ??

I wanna keep going out and having fun, bu I'm scared that he'll come onto me at any moment and it'll be akward and uncomfortable, please help!!!

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  •'ve been on 10 dates, slept over twice...and he STILL hasn't made a move???? Dude is either gay or thinks like you do. Fairly easy to figure out.

  • Agreed. Im a girl and you should tell him. He may decide to wait for you but he most likely thinks you've been seeing each other long enough for the next level. At least tell him and let him decide.

  • Yes. he is most likely looking to have s. you have to understand us men have urges in need to be satisfied. I suggest you tell him as soon as possible they use not planning on having s** until you get married. this way you will not be fully him nor yourself and you when I put yourself in a situation it would feel awkward. basically put all your cards on the table & see he playing the same han u are

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