Life's a b**** when all problems come at once.

1. I've been having a long distance relationship with a guy that I completely fell in love with, but he became way too obsessed with me so I had to end his obsession but he confused the obsession with love and eventually just broke my heart and broke up with me. I had sent him my naked pictures and now I am worried and feel very guilty about it.

2. not too long after he broke up with me, I found out that my father was cheating on my mother. I've seen every single thing that he and the b**** have exchanged through text, including the nasty pictures that they shared. My mom knows about it too. she tried talking with my dad, but he won't stop. he treats my mom like she was just a person who cooks and cleans. my mom told me that its not the first time that he's cheated on her, that he's been doing the same ever since I was a baby. this f****** hurt me, and made me just lose hope in men completely because my father always acted like the perfectly nice loving father that anyone would ask for infront of us (children). he still doesnt know i know everything he's done so far and it rips my heart every time he approaches me to talk or hug me, like he'd done nothing. i feel so disgusted. and i cant tell anyone about this because my dad is pretty "famous" over where i live and it'd destroy his reputation, and he'd lose his job, and i'd have nothing left.

3. I found out that my friends, best friends, were talking behind my back calling me a b**** (and i still dont know why they did.) and they're my childhood friends, and my classmates. they dont know that i know about this. i feel so awkward around them now, having to act like i dont know about it. whenever we hang out, they act normal , or even worse, they act like so close with me and it hurts to have to act liek everything was fine.

4. my dad all of a sudden had to get surgery, which means a LOT of money that we owe, and even wihle and after surgery my mom took all care of him and he kept cheating on her even through texts. when he was dying in pain, all i could think was "you deserve it".

5. im about to enroll to college and our family cant afford it. im very depressed about this too.

6. i've lost hope and faith in anything. everyone that i know whom i thought were my parent's friends are now talking behind my family's back to everyone else because we live in a small city where its a small community and everyone knows and gossips about everyone else. now my mom has no friend to even talk everything out to, especially about the cheating matter therefore she tells me every single detail she knows and about her own life problem which stresses me the most.

7. i'm very sick, and its been like this forawhile. Ive always been easily sick and i cant tell my parents most of the time because i can't make them waste money.

Im depressed. very very depressed. i just wish i could give up already. i cry every day and night. but i have to act like nothing's wrong at school or with people around because i cant let them know about my problems. i dont know if i can take any more problems than i already have now. im very hurt. ive lost hope in marriage, in men, in humans.....

Jan 30, 2013

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  • Things will work out ul see after his sickness your dad might not be so h**** and might not b fit for that b**** hav nothing to do with that bf he is bad lots of girls support collage with some escort work might be worth a go good luck on whatever you dec

  • I am sorry you are having a bad time but things will get better dont be to h****** your dad your mother must not be giving him what he needs if she gave him a ride each nit and a suck n the morn he wouldnt look at other woman u are better without ur bf

  • Don't take over your family issues. If your parents have a marriage problem they should solve it. Anybody is free to divorce. Divorce doesn't mean a man is a bad dad, not even a bad husband, just that the relatonship does not make both happy. Cheating is something else. But if somebody accepts that her husband cheats she becomes part of the fake marriage.

    But all this problems are not yours, you should focus on making a life that makes you happy with everything that is up to you. If you are short of money, you can maybe get a some hours job to pay bills. Take the control of your life and let others take theirs.

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