I have an up session with s******'s

I have an up session with s******'s of all types i dream of giving & receiving a*** from a s****** but i also dream of licking a woman's p****
i dream of getting married to a normal woman & s******
i fear that my up session may send me to h*** because i know that a s****** is just a man that looks like a woman & if i keep this up i will lose interest in real women i want both but i know that i want to save my body & soul for the one i will spend my life with
i have no sexual interest in men but i do with s******'s who are just men with long hair & b******
i don't know what to do

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  • Sound like you need help in they need to put you in the crazy house,

  • Dont think of it as "falling in love with a s******" think of it as falling in love with a person. You wont be sent to h*** if you happen to fall in love with a s******. people are people weather they have two p****'s.. a p**** n b****, b**** n a v*****.. or even a p**** n a v*****. love isn't about s**.. and s** isn't about love. sometimes you just want to have s** with someone with no strings attached. IT HAPPENS! humans are NOT monogamist creatures by nature.. "society" and "religion" make us believe we should be..
    I say EXPLORE your sexuality. have NSA s** with a s******. u dont know if ull like it until you try! there are rarely any people that now a days can say "iv only had s** with my wife(or husand) in my entire life and i am 1000% happy with that!" im not saying become a w**** or anything.. but enjoy ur life the way YOU want to.

  • S*** s**.

  • Step 1...learn how to spell obsession.

  • "Up session" hahahah WTF.

  • It has to be like a 10 year old boy. I would really feel sorry for the person if he/she were an adult and had such bad literary skills.

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