I can't help myself

I am middle aged and have never been in a sexual or romantic relationship. But I have had plenty of female friends over the years. I have been very close to most of them and we have great respect for each other. Of course, they are almost all married as well. So I have to keep my hands and comments to myself. I have never given them any reason to doubt my respect and affection for them or to think I am a threat to them. These women have all been respectable, modest women.

But when I am socializing with them, I can't keep my eyes off of them, Whether they are wearing tight clothing or revealing. I could go into all sorts of detailed descriptions of what I have seen, but I won't. I see things that the average person (guy) would miss as I have a finely tuned radar when it comes to women. So even modest dress will reveal a lot to me.

On some occasions, these ladies will leave an extra button undone or wear a slightly lower than normal top or wear a dress with a high slit and I will be getting an eyeful the whole time we are together. I have gotten good at glancing and seeing it all without being caught. I just wish those times would never end.

They have never let on that they know, either verbally or with their faces or by covering up. The shows just keep on giving. They give me no reason to believe they are giving shows on purpose either.

Anyway, I enjoy the shows whether they are accidental or they are secretly teasing me, knowing they can get away with it and that I enjoy it. I enjoy it since I know that is all I will ever get.

That is my confession. I'd like to go into more deatail but thsi is not p**********.

Feb 2, 2013

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  • I hope so. Then they will continue their subtle teasing ways and not be offended by me.

  • A******!!

  • Psychopath

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