Cant C**

I've been with my girlfriend for almost nine months and we've been having s** for four months. She's gone down on me for hours and I can't c**. We have s** with condoms, and it goes on forever until she's too tired to do more, and i still cant c**. All I can think about with her is c****** all over her face or in her mouth or on her b****** but when I'm with her its impossible. I feel guilty because all i can think about is not wearing a condom and how good it would feel and how much closer we would feel and how I'd be able to c**.

Feb 4, 2013

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  • I have to close my eyes with my wife. If I look at her, I will finish quickly. So, I can't sympathize. You are longing for what you don't have and forgetting what you already have. Or maybe you're just not that into her (pun intended)

  • Just have her give you an hand job without a condom on.

    Heck, even a b******* condomless is no big deal if you guys are in a monogamous relationship.

    Condoms are so over rated. I have never used one and when I try, every girl stops me and demands I take it off.

    There is nothing hotter than unprotected s**. Especially when she is not on birth control. I have only pulled out twice. i do not know if i have any children floating around in this world but wouldnt be surprised if i did. Therefore, be prepared if she gets pregnant.

  • I was I had that sort of problem I come quick

  • Dont think about it. just enjoy the s**. enjoy how beautiful ur gf is. and have fun. maybe try some new positions? but the more u focus on c******, the harder it will be to c**.

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