My husband is really p****** me off!!!

I don't understand why he won't look for a job!!! He spends all day playing with the kids and says that he is enjoying getting to finally spend quality time with them. I get it, I do, but we have bills to pay and I am tired of being the one carrying us. As soon as I bring it up, he gets angry with me and then shuts down. He refuses to understand why I am so hostile towards him and why I don't want to have s** with him anymore. "a job has nothing to do with s**".... Is he really that dense that he can't understand why I don't want to touch him!!!! After 20 years of marriage I can't believe I am actually thinking of leaving him. At the same time, am I being a total b**** about this?

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  • Women don’t like this s***. Men need to be men, we need to take care of our families it’s just how we are. Two pay checks makes life much easier yes, but being a bum and doing nothing I could imagine why she would keep her legs closed. If I was a woman I would too!

    What annoys me is what the actual f*** is he doing? Men work, we know we do and we need to. We are the ones who are happy to make the sacrifice of working for 50+ years, commute to work 3 hours a day and work with a*******. We do it because it’s our job to. Even if our partner works we work more so she doesn’t have to.

    Men who don’t take care of business s*** me, yet a lot of women stick around with these asshats and complain. These really are not men they’re boys who haven’t grown up.

    Women out there, if you ever want a man in your life check that he has his s*** together before making things serious. A few red flags: he gets butt hurt about being criticised, he is indecisive, has no drive, doesn’t care about his own future, calls in sick all the time, is lazy, selfish and/or makes these really pathetic excuses for why he’s not trying. But don’t forget the difference between confident and cocky.

  • He had a good job working 40 hours a week and spent his weekends and evenings with us (I work from home). Then one day he decided he didn't want to work anymore and quit his job and moved us in with his mother. Now over a year later there is still no urgency to even look for work. I feel like he's being the selfish one. I still cook, clean, and care for the kids like before. Now he helps them make bigger messes while I do my work, takes at least one nap a day and the rest of his time on his computer. I'm supposed to be ok with that? Well, I'm not!

  • Yes,you are being a total witch and b**** about it.Its your family support it and ask for no credit.If tables were turned,you would want him to sing to the world about what a wonderful mother you are and all he does is work.If he did not spend time with kids,you would call him a dead beat or sperm donor or something worse.If he worked too much and did not have time for you when he got home,you would still deny him s**.He is probably getting s** from your next door neighbor,your sister or some other village tramp while you keep your legs closed to him.Bitchy women like you make me want to puke my dinner.What you mean he is finally getting to spend time with the kids;did you keep them away from him for the last 20 years?From the way you write and reason,I would shut up too from hearing your self centered mouth. If you don't give him the p****,someone else will and when you leave him,he will still get good visitation to the kids because he sounds like he loves his kids and you are simply jealous.If bills have to be paid,pay them for a change.You married him for what again? Just remember your vows.

  • No shes not. We live in a day and age where if you have a family 2 incomes is VERY important.

    To the lady that wrote this,
    You are not being a b**** and your not wrong, your 100% right. The longer your husband sits on his ass not working the harder it is going to become for him to get a job when the time comes. Unemployment is already a huge problem in America today. Im sick and tired of all the people that take advantage of it too going to unemployent offices to get money because they wanna be lazy and sit on their ass all damn day, which mine and millions of other American tax dollars pay for. The least he could do is look for a f****** job. Hold out s** on him until he does, thats a sure way to get him back in the work force.

  • I honestly feel like there is more to this story than the b****** lady lets us believe.If the guy has been sitting around for a year and is getting little or no s** and he has not gotten a clue to run and get a job,then I must conclude that the s** is not all that great,he is not missing it,its not worthy it for him or,he is getting it somewhere else. He must be punishing his wife for something and he could care less if she is b****** or not.
    Two incomes are important no doubt.But on the other hand,you could have the incomes and spend almost one whole income on a sitter.What good is that?
    Using s** as an incentive for behavior modification is normally not worthwhile.If had a wife and she did that to me I will just go out and look for 10 other women to have s** with.Find another way to solve this issue.I am sorry I have no sympathy for you.I have worked with thousands of women in the last 25 years stories like these are all too common.I know women who have ran from hubbies for reasons that will make anybody sick.But the men are supposed to stay with women at any cost?
    For the records,I have kids so I know what it takes to raise a family.

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