Got a B******* from an internet dude

I'm 17 now, and I've never had s**. I honestly have wanted s**, but I've always felt like it was gonna be something cool and special to share with someone. I'm hoping to save it for my wife, but if something happens, it happens. But, as a guy and a teenager, I'm h**** as all h*** all the time. Sometimes, it's like I don't even know what I'm doing. I'm just watching myself in a movie until that h**** feeling goes away.

Once, when I was still 16, I found a guy online who said he'd suck my c*** for me. I'm not really attracted to guys, but I was so friggen h**** that I went for it, just to see how a b******* would feel. So I met him and he blew me. I felt so gross afterwards, but soon I was craving that feeling again. So I met a new guy, because they're easy to get to do it. Now, I just met my fourth guy. Everytime, I feel gross and like an awful person: I'm not attracted to these men, or men in general. I'm just using them for easy blow jobs.

So, today I swore it all off. No more meeting guys online, or anyone for that matter.

Feb 11, 2013

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  • It's just a f****** b******. Your young enjoy just be safe yo. I've never had penetration s** with men or dated them but it's true gay guys love sucking c***. It's easy! & I enjoy it. If I want to stop I will. I'm into woman & I sure as h*** love a wet p**** but if I want a quick nut I hit up a f**.

  • Yeah dude time to put in some work with the ladies! If your that h**** just f****** j*** off STOP letting Internet f*** suck your c***.

  • Dude....seriously....if you're not gay, you sound like you are heading in the wrong path.....good thing you stopped

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