I'm a lying w****

Hi. I'm the fakest b**** ever. I'm kinda addicted to lying. Even the stupid things. Every time I tell the truth to someone, they find a way to hurt me. Damage me. I'm a lost soul, slowly fading into the blackness. I actually found this page after searching mastrubation techniques. I'm 13. People think we're too young to feel like this, but age is just a number. People don't understand that feelings don't automatically come. My boyfriend, who I just got 3 days ago :) is an amazing person, and every time I talk to him I can be...me. But I feel as if "me" isn't good enough. He's so perfect to me...but I don't deserve that.
My parents also hate me, because I cut class 4 times to go off campus. They think I was meeting to f*** guys, but I haven't even gotten my first kiss yet. I just wish they would love me like they love themselves. My dad has forgiven me kinda...but not my mom. They both scream at me no matter what I do...it makes me consider suicide...but I don't because I love my boyfriend and my family too much. Even if they don't like me. I think that this is where most of my issues start from. Sometimes I wonder why the f*** I complain, i have food, and I've never been raped. I've been groped countless times by my cousins but never raped. I don't know how to feel...I don't want to hurt my boyfriend but I don't want to live. He's always asking me what's wrong and it hurts for me to lie and say nothing. I know it hurts him too. But I can't tell him. ??. And if anyone else needs a buddy to talk to...I can give advice
Just email me
If I know you I might not respond though

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