I had s** with my teacher

Im in my final year of high school.I have a intern ship with on of my mechanics teacher.I spend 3 of the 5 classes i have in his class , plus i stay after school till about 4:30. Me and my teacher have always been close. Me share common humor and we think pretty much alike. One day we were looking at broken cars to buy(so we can fix them in class) and we had to drive over to a local's house who was willing to sell it to us for cheap. On our way there we started taking about random stuff. (the teacher is almost 32) then i brought up teen pregnancy. He said that as long as they use condoms it was the same as normal s**.I was surprised with that response. Then we kept talking about s** and then he pulled into a back road.Me thinking that it was the way to the locals house i didn't say anything.We kept driving and soon we were pretty far away from our town.Then he stopped the car.I asked him what was going on. then he told me that he was in love with me and couldn't stand it any longer.He began to rub my thigh and kiss me.I didn't stop him.He started to pull down his pants.I didn't even know what i was doing but it felt like the right thing to do.He pulled his boxers down and asked me to give him a handie.I all of a sudden felt awful and i wanted to stop.He looked sad and mad and i felt terrible.He is my favorite teacher and i didn't want to disappoint him.I kissed him and started to pull of his shirt. tears were running down my face.He pushed my head down(hard) to his groan.He told me "open up and suck and there wont be a problem". i began to to give him a b******* as he yanked down my pants. he pulled my panties and started fondling me. as soon as we were done i cried very hard.He drove back to the school and told me to tell no one. i quit school and i haven't seen him for about 3 months.my life is falling apart and i don't know if i should tell someone.



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  • You should tell someone.. Don't feel guilty or like it was your fault. You deserve better. If he really cared about you he wouldn't have violated you like that. SPEAK UP.

  • You should go to his house and give him another b*******. NOW!

  • Call the police, he is sick....he could do it to someone else!

  • You need to call 911 A.S.A.P and tell them you were raped this man is scum and do not feel sorry for him, love is not a grown man pulling down a road and forcing you to have s** with him, this will ruin your life if you dont't go to the police now!
    Think of the other that he may have raped in that car, be strong and respect yourself. its not your fault Ok! this man raped you.
    May your life be blessed.

  • Yes, you need to tell somebody. this was abuse and it needs to be reported. not enough girls tell the authorities about these things and other girls end up paying the price for silence.

  • Get help. Tell someone.

  • WHAT all i want in life is to f*** my teacher and you're sad about it! but yeah it does kinda sound like rape..... should report him so he doesn't do it to other vulnerable girls. i don't even know why you'd be allowed in a car with him on your js anyways

  • H*** yeah you should tell someone, thats rape, call the cops

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