My a****** roommate

My roommate is an a******. There is nothing redeemable about this guy. He treats everyone like s*** and I have to see it every day. He is always bringing back different girls and f****** them loudly like EVERY night even though I told him it makes me uncomfortable. A couple weeks ago I poked holes in all his condoms. He has already got two panic calls and is freaking out.

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  • Wow that's f***** up

  • Ordem

  • You're the bigger a******. You're taking your frustrations out in a way that will seriously s**** over the women he brings home. That is just plain evil. If you hate his women too, then think of the innocent children who don't deserve what you're doing-or the resulting abortions. Use your brain ferchrissakes. Move out or get a new roommate.

  • Why can't you just tell him to get the f*** out if he can't obey your rules? or find a new roommate, instead of acting like a childish coward and doing something as stupid as rupturing his condoms...

  • You're such a d***. You're making more of that a****** by poking holes in the condoms. I hope you have to babysit.

  • Kiss my buttocks, monkey face.

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