Paid My Teacher Back For S******* Me Out Of A Good Graade

My Math teacher gave me a C that took my GPA down and is going to make getting into an Ivy League colleges harder. I'm too smart to get a C and that grade was not fair. I told him so, but he claims my work wasn't up to par for a higher grade. J***!

So I used my skill at copying handwriting and wrote 3 love notes in his handwriting to girls in the class saying he wanted to have s** with them and I anonymously tipped off the principle that jerko was writing love notes to underage students, whose names I mentioned in the tip off, lol.

He's going to have some explaining to do tomorrow, lol. Payback is a b**** and so am I when I'm screwed out of what I deserve!

Feb 24, 2013

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  • Teachers Don't give out grades, You Earn Them.

  • Wow thank you i was just about to say that

  • Math is finite, if you got a C, it's because you didn't solve the problems correctly or show the appropriate work to support a correct answer like most people who cheat and copy answers tend to do. End of story. And it's Principal not principle, that is just the most glaring mistake you made for being such a smart person.

    You wouldn't get into an Ivy League school even if you had a 4.0 in that class, so I hope you are ready for a very disappointing life with such obviously high opinions of yourself and your abilities that are clearly unwarranted.

  • My how vile... So effectively I've seen two useless individuals who've no logic center but instead proceed to ruin others lives now dare I say it... Oh I dare... You have to do some form of work to earn more than a c in a class and if I may be so bold... You claim to be intelligent yet you fail to do what even the most lacking of minds, the intellectually inept if you will, could do... You failed to understand the turmoil of ruining another's life... You've failed to take into consideration the long or even the short term affects of your action... And for what because you feel you are owed some form of meanial useless letter on a pink piece of paper how b***** foolish are you... Look quit being a child get used to the hard work because if your not by now shortterm you will need to be because you will likely end up in prison... Because I'm certain it wouldn't be so hard to prove your guilty then detention and ivy league colleges will be the least of your worries (also your spelling is atrocious and I know I didn't use much punctuation and honestly I don't give two s****)

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