I am a male b****

I am a pakistani student,i went to russia for study.in my 2nd year i found a girl she was so sweet.she loved me and one day she wanted to have s** with me.but when she saw my p**** which is 3 inches when hard she started smiling and humiliated me.she said i am in no good use except to lick her v*****.so she made me to eat her v***** lick all the juices coming from her p****.than she ordered me to bark like a dog.i started bhow bhow ,i t was very embarrassing.she told me that she can keep me as her slave but she will have other boy friends to f*** her.i said no than she told me to forget her,i loved her so much that i agreed on that.she said me lick her shoes which i did .she said me to bring scissors and started cutting my hair she said i dont deserve hair.than she took me to nearby salon and told them to shave my head bald.the beautician did as told.and after that she told them that i am a sissy.they all laughed at me.and beautician asked her that me be i should do eyebrows and my girl friend agreed.and i got pencil thin eyebrows.i looked pathetic in that.then she continued humiliate me for next 4 years.now i came back to Pakistan but still misses her.so i am male b**** who wants to be humiliated.

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  • Be a man and stop inviting abuse from other people. Give your life to Jesus Christ, and concentrate on obeying Him. Stop trying to please people.

  • I hope the taliban get you, acid your face and rape your f***** hole rotten ps die, small d***!

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