Amazing S** at work but he is married

Ok so where to begin im 26 years old and divorced and have had a bad run of bad relationships and have went long time frames without s**. However the truth is i love s**, i am a very sexual person but i always keep it under control no random stuff. . .well i work in a place with mostly men there is only one other women who works there. My office is off by itself by our mechanics office and often we are alone. . Well he asked me out when he was single but i had just got out of a bad relationship so i said no but then he got married, it had been 2 months since i had a good hard D*** inside me when he invited me to a party where went we found ourself sitting next to each other at a table he started working his hand up my inner thigh giving me chills as he continued upward i began to get very excited as he sliped into my shorts and started playing with my p**** rubbing it getting it nice and wet soaking his fingers it had been so long i almosted forgot how good it felt even though i knew it was wrong he slowly removed his hand and brought it up to his mouth putting his finger in his mouth tasting my wet p**** juices all over his fingers as he smiled and whispered into my ear how good and sweet i tasted. . I knew i had to leave i was to worked up. I told every one bye and headed outside when his friend hollerd hey come here so i went to where he was leaned up against a truck as i leaned agai tthe truck he grabbed my hands holding me about that time all i feel is my cotton shorts being moved over with a hand and i look down and its him my coworker giving me the best tongue lashing i ever had licking all the way from my c*** to my ass. . He came back to my place that night he said all he wanted wapwtm eat me out till i came all over his tongue but he got me so worked up after all it had been 2 months for me, but after making me c** and squirt all over his tongue i wanted more i craved his c*** i had to have it so i unbucked his pants pulling them down reveiling a enormous fat c*** and i got instantly wet wondering how he would fit it into my tight p**** i couldnt wait to get on my knees and get his fat hard c*** in my mouth i love to suck a good hard d*** but it turns me on so much i ended up begging him to f*** me. And as soon as he rubbed his d*** on my p**** and i felt his girth i gasped and he shoved it all the way in with one thrust making me scream with pleasure. Begging him to f*** me harder papi he have me the best f****** i ever had and filled my p**** with his large load after telling him to use my p**** as his J******* toy and make that c*** come for me! But now we cant seen to stop our attraction is gettin stronger we cant keep our hand off each other at work now we have almost got caught several times but it makes it exciting sometimes he comes in my office and pulls his pants down and lets me go to town sucking his d*** till i suck him off and swallow every drop. . Other times i go to is office and he pulls my pants down and bends me over a desk and f**** me nice and hard giving my p**** what it wants and fills it with his load. Now his d*** in me is all i ever think about am i crazy and we still do it like crazy we cant keep our hands off each other

Mar 2, 2013

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  • Your only problem is with his wife. You need to get to know her and find out if she likes that big d***. It may not be to her liking and that's why he's using you. There may be a way of sharing that will be satisfactory to both of you. Talk it out with both of them if you can. You may be the big winner.

  • No very true in fact every detail is 100% true thats the best part!

  • Fake

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