S** with my best friend

I have a group of three special friends and we do things I normally don't do with my other friends. We even live in the same hotel. We have two rooms, but normally we just camp out in one room. At the last thing we did, the only male in our group, Micheal, was giving the eldest of our group, Kendra, a horrid dirty look, and he looked really sad. He didn't speak to her for four days, and when he did he was screaming at her. The day ended with Dawn and I confused, and Kendra and Micheal angry.
When Dawn and Kendra went to bed that night, I took Micheal to the other room and asked him what was wrong. He's the only guy in our group because he's the gay best friend we have (although I secretly like him. I talked about that with Dawn, she said it'd pass). Or not, according to Kendra. She took a jab at him when he was messing around with her today. She told him that at least she could have children, and then proceeded to shout 'BURN!' for two minutes. I gave him a hug and said I would talk to her. He kept looking at his hands until he asked me a favour. He told me that he wanted to show Kendra she was wrong, that she could have kids. I asked him how, and after wincing and stumbling through his words for a moment, he told me that he wanted to have s** with me. I was shocked dead silent. He looked so emotionally distraught by this, and he wanted to get back at her. I understood that, but I knew he would regret it. I told him that we couldn't, and he got frustrated, saying he knew I'd reject him. It was a guilt trip, and I fell for it. I think I apoligised thirty times before he calmed down, and said it was a stupid idea. I felt horrible for him, and knew there would be one way he would agree to his problem solver. I kissed him. I couldn't believe how instantly he responded. It lasted for a while before we headed to the bedroom, unclothed, and after some foreplay, we had s**. I couldn't believe it when we climaxed. We'd just done something we didn't ever think we would. He thanked me, and we fell asleep like lovers do - hugging.
That happened two days ago. It's been on my mind ever since. Probably his too. But all seems normal. I want him to tell Kendra, and he said he'd tell me when he does. I just hope I helped him enough. He didn't really help me, besides the pleasure. I know now, the minute we kissed, I know. I actually love him. I don't know what to do any more.

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  • Don't try to label people or buy into their labels, at least not too strongly.

    You had s** with a man that you are falling in love with.
    Any other ideas are from the past.
    What is important is what happens naturally, and what happens next. Hold on lightly, and see if happiness comes to you in the form of this man, or in some other form.

  • I think he is just flamboyantly bi-curious. That or he just used the s*** outta you to prove someone else wrong & you caught feelings for him. I love human psychology.

  • You should tell him how you've been feeling about him. Maybe he thinks he is gay because he might be confused and maybe he feels the same way about you after that! Cheer up!

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